Golden Oldies

2015 Tournaments
17 May  Eskview
14 June  Hastings R&S
12 July  Havelock North


2014 Tournaments

18 May Taradale
15 June Flaxmere
13 July Napier Pirates
16 Aug Old Boys Marist

 Please have your teams assembled at the host club around 12.30pm with an expected 1—1.30 pm kick off


I wish to highlight a point, that if players wish to wear the Red Shorts (no tackle) during the game, then please advise those players to pass the ball out as quickly as possible in order to eliminate potential collisions

The theme again this year is to encourage the attendance of our wives, girlfriends, and partners and of course the kids. We want to encourage the Family/Whanau concept and make the day as enjoyable for them.

A relevant point at the meeting was raised in relation to the new licence liquor laws as to drinking on licenced premises, to assist the hosts clubs to meet compliance I ask that you drink the donated after game beer in the changing room as soon as possible and then go into the hosts bar where you will be compliant.




2013 Tournaments

19 May Hastings Rugby & Sports
16 June Colenso Pirates
14 July Havelock North
18 Aug Eskview



Shamrocks vs Czech Prague Old Boys XV  (6pm 27th Sept 2011)

Last Wednesday evening was to be a big night for our Golden Oldies as we hosted Prague Old Boys from the Czech Republic. They had a touring party of 55 aged late 40's to early 70's!   Not many of them spoke English but it didn't seem to effect communication in the clubrooms afterwards, as there was a fair bit of swapping of gear and bits and pieces!!   It was to be a very good night for the club with the International visitors consuming a good amount of red wine.  The visit was all a bit too short unfortunately as the touring party had to hit the road soon after to ensure that they were in Auckland by 8am to catch their plane!
NOBM oldies got a great response from past players and we managed to front up with around 40.  It was good to have some of our Marist veterans from the 80's on the paddock again, the likes of  Pat Benson, AJ, Roger Aranui, Herb Hamilton, Gary Exeter and Todd Donaldson are names that come to mind.  Plus Soccer converts Nigel Hoare and Darren (Alfie) Goodall showing that they haven't forgotten to use their hands!!  Pat also bought along a Canadian couple to have a run. The lady was awesome, tackling hard and even scoring a try !  And our thanks to Pat for ‘shouting' the changing rooms drinks (wine & beers) afterwards.
Current board members Mike Smith, Terry Gittings, Bill Halpin and our Prem coach Mike (Whitebait) Warren were also prominent in showing their stuff out on the track.   Even our club members referee's provided some players with Brent Clements, Paul Teddy and Waka Petera who reffed the game and made some good tackles!!
The game itself was full of running with our local team managing to score seven tries to Prague OB's three resulting in a 35-15 win for Old Boys Marist.  Fortunately there were no injuries that we were aware of but local Masseur, Peter (Bam Bam) Bainbridge was full of energy patching people up. Must have been his new Smurf outfit!!