Rep Teams

Other Oppportunities for Napier Old Boys Marist Players

The Annual NZ Marist Sevens Tournament held in Wellington in February in Wellington in conjunction with the international IRB Sevens. From this Marist tournament a New Zealand Marist Sevens team is selected to participate international Sevens tournament in either Samoa or Fiji later in the month.
In March each year the clubs Premier team participates in the annual Spillane Tournament at various venues hosted by NZ Marist affiliated clubs.  Napier Marist/Old Boys Marist have participated in every tournament since first entering in 1932 and can lay claim to being the only affiliated club to have done so.
The annual NZ Marist Colts four match tour has been in existence since 1974 when the first team selected played the Wellington 2nd XV at the Hutt Recreation ground on Saturday 28 September. This inaugural match was won by NZ Marist 11-6.
The team team is selected from affiliates nominations at the end of the normal club season with one player being selected from each club. A unique system which enables all clubs to be represented.  Also invited are players from the St Josephs Club, Samoa, Marist Fiji, and from trans-Tasman affiliates Brisbane Brothers Club and from the Marist Club Sydney.

The 2012 tour encompassed matches in Gisborne, Wairoa, Hastings and Napier vs Hawkes Bay Under 20's.

An Inspirational Leader In typical mode Michael Johnson charges into Canterbury defenders.
The Magpie Centurion played
137 games for Hawkes Bay  encompassing a period 1998-2010.

Pre-Mitre 10 Cup

Mitre 10 Cup
Aug 19 vs Southland
@ Napier

Aug 25 vs Bay of Plenty
@ BoP

Sept 1 vs Canterbury
@ Napier

Sept 6 vs Wellingon
@ Wellington

Sept 17 vs Counties Manukau

Sept 23 vs Taranaki
@ New Plymouth

Sept 27 vs North Harbour

Oct 7 vs Northland
@ Whangarei

Oct 15 vs Manawatu
@ Napier

Oct 20 & 21
Championship Final
Oct 27


Pre - Mitre 10 Cup
June 6 - vs Wairarapa-Bush
@ Masterton
won  68-19

June 29 - Saracens
v Evergreens
@ Palmerston Nth
lost 0-59

Aug.11 - vs North Harbour
@ Tremain Field
Lost  14-17

Aug.20 - vs Wellington
Napier - 5.35pm
Lost  26-36

Aug.27 vs Taranaki
New Plymouth - 4.35pm
Lost  28-55

Sept.1 - vs Counties Manukau
Napier - 7.35pm
Lost  20-48

Sept.7 - vs Auckland
Napier - 7.35pm
Lost  24-25

Sept.11 - vs Canterbury
Christchurch - 2.35pm
Lost  7-63

Sept.15 - vs Southland
Invercargill - 7.35pm
Lost - 29-43

Sept.24 - vs Tasman
Napier - 7.35pm
Lost - 29-36

Oct.1 - vs Manawatu
Palm Nth  - 5.35pm
Won - 30-21

Oct.8 - vs Waikato
Hamilton - 7.35pm
Lost  22-46

Oct.15 - vs Bay of Plenty
Napier 5.35pm
Lost  24-26

Oct. 21 / 22 - Semi-Finals

Oct.29 - FINAL

Pre ITM Cup matches
vs  Wairarapa Bush - RS
won 58-7
vs Horowhenua Kapiti - RS
won 50-16
vs Mid Canterbury - RS
won 57-12
vs Taranaki
won  28-24

Sun 16 Aug vs Northland (RS)
@ Napier
won  39-10

Sat 22 Aug vs Otago
@ Dunedin
won  39-22

Fri 28 Aug vs Counties Manukau
@ Pukekohe
won  35-11

Sat 5 Sept vs North Harbour (RS)
@ Napier won 48-32

Sat 12 Sept vs Canterbury
@ Christchurch lost 14-29 

Sat 19 Sept vs Bay of Plenty (RS)
@ Napier won 23-17

Thur 24 Sept vs Auckland (RS)
@ Napier won 17-12

Wed 30 Sept vs Wellington
@ Wellington drew 22-22

Fri 8 Oct vs Waikato (RS)
@ Napier lost 30-36

Fri 16/Sat 17 Oct
ITM Cup / Championship
vs Bay of Plenty won 33-26

Fri 23/Sat 24 Oct
ITM Cup / Championship
vs Wellington
Promotion to the
ITM Cup Premiership for 2016


17 Aug vs Tasman
@ Blenheim
lost 15-35

22 Aug vs Taranaki
@ Napier
won  29-26

30 Aug vs Counties Manukau
@ Pukekohe
Ranfurly Shield Challenge
won  27-21

5 Sept vs Northland
@ Whangarei
lost  21-23

14 Sept vs Otago
@ Napier
Shield Challenge
won  41-0

20 Sept vs Bay of Plenty
@ Napier
Ranfurly Shield
won  36-17

27th Sept vs North Harbour
@ Albany
lost 25-28

1st Oct vs Wellington
@ Napier
Ranfurly Shield
won 36-14

5th Oct vs Manawatu
@ Palm Nth
lost 3-29

11th Oct vs Southland
@ Napier
Ranfurly Shield
draw  20-20

Fri 17 Oct vs Northland
vs Nothland
won 26-21

Fri 24  Oct
Championship Finals
vs Mawawatu
@ Palmerston North
lost 24-32



17 Aug. vs Manawtu
@ Napier
Won 45-18

25 Aug. vs Bay of Plenty
@ Tauranga
Lost 24-20

1 Sept. vs Otago
@ Dunedin
+ Ranfurly Shield
Won 20-19

7 Sept. vs Counties Manukau
@ Napier
- Ranfurly Shield
Lost 27-24

11 Sept. vs Taranaki
@ New Plymouth
Lost 23-10

15 Sept. vs Northland
@ Napier
Won 36-31

22 Sept. vs Tasman
@ Nelson
Lost 18-9

29 Sept. vs North Harbour
@ Napier

3 Oct. vs Southland
@ Invercargill


23 Aug. vs AUCKLAND
@ McLean Park
Lost 29-36

@ Westpac Stadium
Lost 15-30

@ McLean Park
Won 36-30

7 Sept. vs TARANAKI 
+ Ranfurly Shield challenge
@ Yarrow Stadium
Lost 6-22

16 Sep. vs SOUTHLAND
@ Rugby Park Stadium
Lost 7-35

21 Sept. vs BAY OF PLENTY
@ McLean Park
Won 42-41

29 Sept. vs OTAGO
@ McLean Park
Won 21-15

6 Oct. vs MANAWATU
@ FMG Stadium
Lost 7-20

13 Oct. vs WAIKATO
@ Waikato Stadium
Lost 3-28


Representative  Teams


Magpie captain Donovan Hall celebrates the 2003 Magpies NPC title winning efforts.

Rep Rugby

Playing Old Boys Marist Rugby is certainly a stepping stone to higher Honours -
"Team up with OBM" .

2003 Hawkes Bay Rugby Academy members were: Stephen Robinson, Hamish Goodley and Shannon Panapa.

2004 HB Rugby Academy members were: Ross Callagahan and Eugene Gerrard.

2005 Michael Johnson led the Magpies in their 2005 campaign.

2005 HB Rugby Academy members were: Ross Callagahan and James Murphy.


Representative Rugby

2003 saw the Club to the forefront at Hawke's Bay level with Premier team halfback Donovan Hall captaining the Enza Magpies to their third consecutive 2nd Divison Air New Zealand NPC title. Also lining up with the Magpies were clubmates Michael Johnson, Johnnie Galo, Ian Baty, Ben Trew, Glen Varcoe and Howard Murray.

Both Donovan Hall and Michael Johnson were also members of the Hurricanes Development and N.Z. Divisional teams earlier in the season. Representing Old Boys Marist with the Hawke's Bay Development XV saw Howard Murray, Ian Baty, Herman Ah Kiong, Nathan Newall and Bevan Pickett pull on the black & white colours.  Our Magpie Colts were Heleman Burgess, Hamish Goodley, Stephen Robinson, Shane Lui and Shannon Panapa.




Mark Abbott
Sam McNicol

Hawkes Bay Magpies

Hawkes Bay Academy XV
Hannon Brighouse, Mich Drew, Zach Donaldson

Spillane Tournament XV
Joseph Penitito,  Liam Edwards 


Mark Abbott
Sam McNicol, Brad Weber

Hawkes Bay Magpies
Mark Abbott, Jarvy Aoake, Sam McNicol, Brad Weber, Ellery Wilson

Hawkes Bay Saracens
Hannon Brighouse, Zac Donaldson, Logan Ede, Sean Skeet

Hawkes U19
Phoenix Allen, Hannon Brighouse, Zac Donaldson
Johnny Faleva, Ricky Hayes, Mac Jurgens, Jack Nelson-Murray, Craig Sharplin

NZ Marist Colts

Logan Ede

Hawkes Bay Samoans XV
Joseph Penitio, Ioane Lauano, Migao Lauanao, Sami Lauano.

Hawkes Bay Ross Shield XV
Brad Campbell (capt.), Afa Moleili, John Teddy.


Mark Abbott

Hawkes Bay Magpies
Mark Abbott, Jarvy Aoake, Tyrone Elkington McDonald
Joseph Pentito, Ellery Wilson

Hawkes Bay U19
Liam Batt, Ricky Hayes, Kaleb Whakataka,
Regan Leahy, Jack Lee, Maika Vukula

Hawkes Bay Tuis - Womens XV
Kathleen Brown, Te Aroha Hunt, Naomi Hunt, Janey Sene 

NZ Marist XV
vs NZ Heartland XV

Ellery Wilson

NZ Marist Sevens

Pouvi Fatialofa

NZ Marist Colts
Jack Byrne
Spillane Tournament XV
Tyrone Elkington McDonald, Chris Johnson, Sean Skeet.

North Island Marist Juniors vs S.I.M.J.

Nick Ennor, Regan Fleming, Ben White.
Napier Ross Shield XV
Bradley Campbell, Tommy Ferguson,  Dante Kururangi,  Kere Penitito, Kunta Tawhai, John Teddy.

Hawkes Bay Magpies -
Mark Abbott, Matt Berquist, Ellery Wilson, Tyrone Elkington-McDonald 
Hawkes Bay Saracens Development
Jarvy Aoake, Ioane Lauano, Liam Edwards, Joseph Penitito, Sean Skeets
Hawkes Bay Sevens -
Joseph Penitito, Poavi Fatialofa
NZ Marist XV
Jarvy Aoake 
NZ Marist Sevens
Joseph Penitito

NZ Marist Colts

Logan Donaldson
NZ Marist North U13 XV
William Carter, Jack Sheridan, George Sicklemore
HB Tuis Womens team
- Naomi Hunt,  Nuia Momoisia,  Fa'alua Tuala,  Emele Tu'ui, Te Aroha Hunt.
Napier Ross Shield:


Magpies - Mark Abbott, Mike Coman (capt.), Regis Lespinas.
Hawkes Bay 20 - Joseph Penitito.
NZ Marist XV - Ioane Lauano
NZ Marist Colts - Corey Simpkin


Mike Coman

Super 15
Mike Coman (Hurricanes)
Magpies -
Mitch Alcock, Mike Coman (captain), Tua Saseve 
NZ Marist XV  v  Heartland XV
NZ Marist Colts
Kurt Chambers
Ross Shield
Manaaki Aranui, Daniel Sharplin, Tyrone Tyson,
Kurtis Weekes




Magpies -
Mike Coman (captain), Mark Jackman, Tua Saseve, Brad Weber.
NZ Marist XV vs Heartland XV
Tua Saseve
NZ Marist Colts
Jarvy Aoake



Sam Giddens


Magpies -
Mike Coman, Mark Jackman, Michael Johnson

Hawkes Bay Development XV
Eugene Gerrard, Reece O'Leary

Hawkes Bay U20
Mark Collier, Bronson Spooner


Spillane Tournament XV
Scott Higginson

NZ Marist Colts tour
Reece O'Leary


Napier Ross Shield
Jarrod McLeod (Vice-Capt.), Sam Hiha, Duff Penitito
James Atkins, Christian Leopard.


Super 14
Matt Berquist (Highlanders)

Matt Berquist, Sam Giddens, Mark Jackman,
Dan Joblin, Michael Johnson, Dane Shelford.


NZ Marist XV
Dane Shelford
NZ Marist Colts

Brett Menefy



Super 14 - 2008
Michael Johnson
Extended Squad
Matt Berquist

Hawkes Bay Magpies -
Matt Berquist, Sam Giddens, Michael Johnson

Hawkes Bay B

Hawkes Bay U20


NZ Marist XV vs Romania
Eugene Gerard

NZ Marist Colts
Campbell Devine



Migao Lauano


Hawkes Bay Magpies -
Matt Berquist, Michael Johnson, Christian Pera

Hawkes Bay B
Anthony Bradshaw, Johnny Galo, Phil Huxford
Migao Lauano, Christian Pera, Kurt Rowlands
Peniasi Tokacece, Josh Wyatt

Hawkes Bay U20
Johnny Lauano, Brad White

Hawke's Bay U18
Matt Martin, Jake Simmers, Brad White

Hawkes Bay Sevens
Anthony Bradshaw,Phil Huxford,Peniasi Tokacece


Spillane Tournament XV


Matt Berquist, Eddie Roche, Peniasi Tokacece


NZ Marist Colts
Liam Hale


Hawkes Bay
Ross Shield

Napier Ross Shield


Matt Berquist


New Zealand Maoris
Matthew Berquist

Hawke's Bay Magpies -
Anthony Bradshaw, Matthew Berquist, Michael Johnson, Christian Pera, Peniasi Tokacece

Hawkes Bay 'B'
Anthony Bradshaw, Phillip Huxford, Christian Pera.

Hawkes Bay Under 20
Sami Lauano, Josh Wyatt

Hawkes Bay Under 18
Johnny Lauano


NZ Marist Colts
Ross Callaghan, Cian O'Connor

NZ Marist Spillane XV
Matt Berquist, Ross Calllaghan, Phillip Huxford, Michael Johnson (Capt.), Peniasi Tokakece


Napier Ross Shield XV
Cruze Anderson, Matther Gardner, Josh Horne, Simon Jones, Tyler Lawson, Darren Nevison

Hawkes Bay Ross Shield
Tyler Lawson (Capt.), Cruz Anderson



New Zealand Divisional XV
Michael Johnson (capt.)

Hawke's Bay Magpies -
Eddie Hekenui, Michael Johnson (capt.), Migao Luauno, Lief Johanssan.

Hawke's Bay 'B'
Migau Luauno, Lief Johanssan.

Hawke's Bay Colts Grade XV
Lima Akurangi, Bradley Benton, Eugene Gerrard, Pete McPheely, Cian O'Connor, Stephen Robinson, Lennie Repia, Habib Shubbar.

Hawke's Bay Under 20
Ross Callaghan, Eugene Gerrard, Sami Luauno, Josh Wyatt.

Hawke's Bay Under 18
Bradley Benton, Johnny Luauno, James Murphy.

Hawke's Bay Academy
Ross Callaghan, James Murphy.


NZ Marist Colts
Hamish Goodley

North Island Marist XV
Michael Johnson


Hawke's Bay Ross Shield XV
Tyler Lawson, Troy Matheson, Kelemete Moananu, Sam McGettigan, Ethan Porter-Lloyd, Cameron Price, Shamir Salam.

Napier Ross ShieldTeam
Sam McGettigan (Capt), Tyler Lawson, Hone Pomana, Ethan Porter-Lloyd, Cameron Price, Shamir Salam, Kelemete Moananu, Aaron Halas, Troy Matheson, Zac Nevison.




New Zealand Divisional XV
Eddie Hekenui, Michael Johnson (capt.)

Hawke's Bay Magpies -
Ian Baty, Reyno Botha, Johnny Galo, Eddie Hekenui, Michael Johnson (capt.)

Hawke's Bay 'B'
Ross Clements, David Byrne, Tom Grey, Howard Murray, Herman Ah Kiong, Bevan Pickett (capt.)

Hawke's Bay Under 20
Eugene Gerrard, Len Repai, Steven Robinson, Sami Luanoa.

Hawke's Bay Academy
Ross Callaghan, Eugene Gerrard, Hamish Goodley, Stephen Robinson.


NZ Marist Colts
Ross Clements, Aaron Oliver

North Island Marist XV
Ian Baty, Alan Gardiner, Donovan Hall, Michael Johnson, Howard Murray




Hawke's Bay Magpies -
Ian Baty, Johnny Galo, Donovan Hall (capt.), Michael Johnson, Howard Murray, Ben Trew, Glen Varcoe.

Hawke's Bay Development 

Ian Baty, Herman Ah Kiong,, Howard Murray, Nathan Newall, Bevan Pickett.

Hawke's Bay Colts
Heleman Burgess, Hamish Goodley, Shane Lui, Shannon Panapa, Steve Robinson.


Hawke's Bay Under 20
Heleman Burgess
NZ Marist Colts
Jamie Cowan







Representative Honours continued 2003:


Hawkes Bay Magpies
Ian Baty, Johnny Galo, Donovan Hall (capt.), Michael Johnson, Howard Murray, Ben Trew, Glen Varcoe
Hawke's Bay Sevens
Herman Ah Kiong, Ben Trew.

Hawke's Bay Rugby Academy
Hamish Goodley, Steve Robinson, Ben Trew, Shannon Panapa.

NZ Divisional Team
Donovan Hall, Michael Johnson.

Hurricanes Development XV
Donovan Hall, Michael Johnson.

NZ Sevens Trials
Ben Trew.

NZ Marist Sevens
Herman Ah Kiong

NZ Marist XV
Ian Baty

NZ Marist Colts
Jamie Cowan

North Island Marist XV
Alan Gardiner, Howard Murray, Ben Trew.

Hawke's Bay Ross Shield XV
Luke Atkin, Elijah Niko, Bronson Spooner.

Napier Ross Shield Tournament Team
Luke Atkin, Kalin Chrystal, Elijah Niko, Bronson Spooner, Richard Stewart, Tyson Tuala, Brad Weber, Anthony Wynands.


Other RUGBY Opportunities for Napier OB Marist players
NZ Marist Senior XV vs Heartland XV

NZ Marist Colts tour - encompassing games in the Hutt Valley, Wellington, Nelson and Westport
NZ Marist Colts tour Counties, Auckland North Harbour, Whangarei regions.


Club Rugby Tour - If you will organise (Where to this year)
Open to All Members



NZ Marist Colts tour - Ashburton/Invercargill/Dunedin. 1 player selected from each affiliated Marist Club.
International players also selected in the touring team from the Brothers Club, Brisbane, Marist, Sydney, St Josephs Club, Samoa and Marist Club, Fiji.



February 6th-7th
NZ Marist International 7's tournament - Wellington (this event is held in conjunction with the IRB 7's).


March 14th-15th
NZ Marist Spillane Tournament - Wanganui.





The first fixture for the inaugural NZ Marist Colts XV vs Wellington 2nd XV and played at the Hutt Recreation Ground on Saturday 28th September 1974. The match was won by NZ Marist 11-6


Napier NZ Marist Colt Reps
1974 Eddie Thompson
1975 Peter Dailey
1976 Steve Dine
1977 Ken Johnstone
1978 Peter Damen
1979 Steve Eddy
1980 Greg Primrose
1981 Terry Phillips
1982 Gerald O'Connell
1983 Glen Donaldson
1984 Brett Clare
1985 Herb Hamilton
1986 Todd Donaldson

1987 Stu Smith
1988 Paul Andrews
1989 Gavin O'Brien
1990 Jonothan O'Dowd
1991 Anthony Hannan
1992 Brendon Exeter
1993 Tony Giles
1994 Ken Lord
1995 Stacey Crombie
1996 Glen Varcoe
1997 Tamati Pahi
1998 Jamie Beale
1999 Matt Wiig
2000 Richard Caccioppoli
2001 Al Howie
2002 Ben Trew
2003 Jamie Cowan
2004 Ross Clements & Aaron Oliver
2005 Hamish Goodley
2006 Ross Callaghan & Cian O'Connor
2007 Liam Hale
2008 Campbell Devine
2009 Brett Menefy
2010 Reece O'Leary
2011 Jarvy Aoke
2012 Kurt Chambers
2013 Cory Simpkin
2014 Logan Donaldson
2015 Jack Byrne
2016 Logan Ede


Recent NZ Marist Colts
NZ Marist Senior


Reece O'Leary
2010 NZ Marist Colt
  Dane Shelford
NZ Marist XV
vs Heartland XV
Hawkes Bay Magpies

Brett Menefy
2009 NZM Colt
  Campbell Devine
Liam Hale
  Ross Callaghan
Cian O'Connor
  Hamish Goodley
Ross Clements
  Jamie Cowan
Ben Trew
  Jamie Beale
Glen Varcoe
  Terry Phillips
As you can see, playing for Napier Old Boys Marist rugby is certainly a stepping stone to Higher Honours. 

Air New Zealand Cup Action 2006

The following pics courtesy of the 'Napier Mail' feature Old Boys Marist's Peniasi Tokacece, Michael Johnson and Christian Pera in the action at McLean Park against Canterbury and Counties Manukau last season.