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TeamTalk Update - 1 July 2018

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Eddie Wilson


 Napier Old Boys Marist Rugby Club


1 July 2018

Contents usually include: Old Boys Marist Senior & Junior rugby reports - weekly competition & draw winners - NZ Marist - affiliates Cricket, Netball, Football and Softball seasonal reports - Club Social events  -  News & Views etc etc.

Views and comments in this publication are not necessarily those
of the executive or policy of the Napier Old Boys Marist Rugby Club.

“Team up with a Winning Club in 2018”

And yesterday it was certainly a game of two halves


WIT Trust Old Boys Marist Premiers lock Sean Skeets crosses the line under the eye of the
Poverty Bay exchange ref for this inspirational; 24th minute try to take his side out to 19-3
lead in this seventh round Maddison Trophy match at Tremain Field.


WIT Trust
Napier Old Boys Marist Premiers  66  CENTRAL SPORTS  38

Excellent conditions greeted the players and supporters for the Maddison Round clash with Central, and the players didn’t disappoint supporters with over 100 points registered including 15 tries. The old cliché of a game of two halves was certainty to the fore as the boys raced out to a 47-3 half time lead only for Central to dominant the second forty and rattle up 35 points as the game closed out with a bonus point victory and a 66-38 score line.


Michael Buckley opening the scoring in the 2nd minute and had bagged a double within opening 10 minutes as he sprinted down the touchline leaving opposition players in his wake to set the tone for the opening forty. Such was dominance of the boys that 7 tries were registered without too much effort. This could’ve easily been a lot points scored if many of the 50/50 passes weren’t thrown and attacking raids not wasted.


At halftime, the coaches expressed a desire for everyone to return to playing structured rugby and not buy into Central’s off the ball tactics however to Central’s credit they cleaned up their act in second half and played some rugby to outscore the Marist lads 5 tries to 3.  Most of Central’s tries were caused by soft missed tackles as the lads switched off.


Saia Pease continued the field day for the wingers as a second half double saw him bag a hattrick and with Buckley’s 4 tries  they contributed over half the Marist points scored.  On his 21st birthday No 8 Hannon Brighouse earned player of the play honours for his strong carriers and defence while he was well backed up by skipper Chris Johnston who was always in thick of the action.


Next week in the penultimate round robin game of the Maddison Trophy, the boys who will be playing neighbours Pirates - look forward to seeing you all there.  


Napier Old Boys Marist 66 (M Buckley 4, S Paese 3, M Thompson, M Lauano, M Drew tries; J Lauano 6, M Lauano 2 cons), Central 38 (W Slingsby 2, T Parsons, J Cutbush, M Konia tries; B Hardwidge 5 cons, pen). HT: 47-3

Report courtesy – Tim Jones


Scoring:  2min Michael Buckley try/con Johnny Lauano -  7-0 ;  9m  Buckley try/con Lauano -  14-0 ;  16m Central pen -  14-3 ;   24m  Sean Skeet try  -  19-3 ;   31m Saia Paese try/con Lauano -   26-3 ;   33m Milo Lauano try/con Johnny Lauano  -  33-3 ;  38m  Buckley try/con  -  40-3 ;  41m Mitch Drew try/con Lauano  -  47-3   ///   43m Central try/con -  47-10 ;  45m Buckley try -  52-10 ;  49m Central  try/con  -  54-17 ;   52m  Central try/con -  54-24 ;  57m  Central try/con -  54-31 ;  60m Saia Paese try/con Milo Lauano -  59-31 ;  64m  Central try/con  -  59-38 ;  75m Paese try/con Milo Lauano -  66-38


Hawkes Bay Seafoods Players of the Day -  3. Hannon Brighouse    2. Michael Buckley     1. Chris Johnston

Other Results: HRS 64 Tamatea 24  :  Clive 24 Havelock North 11  :  Pirates 37 Tech 30  :  Taradale 69 MAC 8

Points:  35 HRS, 29 Taradale,  28 NOBM, 23 Clive, 19 Havelock North,  18 Central, 14 Pirates, 11 MAC,  7. Tech,  5 Tamatea



Run  at  spaces  not  faces



Napier Old Boys Marist Premier Reserve 39 CENTRAL SPORTS 18

This week the Richard Kepka Builders Premier Development team were home to Central.  A win this week would guarantee us top spot in the competition with two rounds still to go.

The game started as we wanted with sustained pressure and an early try to Kurt which Sam converted.  From here Central took control of the next 25 minutes with 2 tries, they held the ball really well and didn’t allow us to get out of our half. Finally in the last 5 minutes we were able to get some possession and George scored to end the half 10 – 12 down.

The second half started almost as the first did with Max scoring out wide early to give us back the lead.  Central then held the ball for a while but our defence held strong and they were only able kick a couple of penalties. The guys then went straight back to work with George going on a 60 metre run to score in the corner.   At this point we were comfortably in the lead but one player in the team decided he was not happy with this.  Max decided to go on a rampage and run around the entire Central backline not once but 3 times to take his tally of tries to 4 for the day.  This ended the game at 39 – 18.

Another impressive win for the team and top spot secured, Job done.

Report courtesy – Wade Colville-Smith


Hawkes Bay Seafoods Players of the Day -  3. Niko Lapa    2. Max Martin    1. Morunga Whaanga

Other Results: Havelock North 29 Clive 25  :  MAC 33 Taradale 41  :  Tamatea 14 HRS 22   Bye - Tech

35 NOBM,  25 Havelock North,  24 Taradale,  21 HRS  14 MAC,  14 Clive, 12 Central,  6 Tech.  4 Tamatea,  


‘Mighty Max’ gets assisted by team mates

Fresh from his four-try scoring spree in yesterdays Premier Development games against
Central Sports lock Max Martin gets assistance from Damon Lincoln and Manadela Sene 

 as he leaves the field after a knock as he score his final try.  Judging by his pace there’s
a rumour doing the rounds that he may be drafted to the three quarter line soon.



Napier Old Boys Marist / Texan Doolans Thirds 0  TAKAPAU 66

The Sideline Bar Napier Old Boys Tech 3rd grade team played a good game against Takapau down at Takapau. But unfortunately Takapau played a lot better game !

We got to Takapau with 16 players willing to strip after most of the rest of the team found reason or no reasons to turn up. Gary our star winger pulled up lame in the warmup, so our next ‘2 star’ wingers whose combined ages equalled 122 started the match.   Note: 122 is usually the combined age of the whole backline. 

As Takapau had gone to such a big effort to provide us with an awesome aftermatch feed, we thought it best to let them get the first 8 or 9 tries. Then as we were just about to wear them down, the ref blew the whistle for full time.

Never mind. 2 games left. Awesome effort by everyone who donned the boots. It was inspirational and in the true spirit of grassroots rugby.

Report courtesy of ‘AJ’ 

Hawkes Bay Seafoods Players of the Day -  3. Brent C   2. Robbie M   1. Gary D

Other Thirds Results – Flaxmere 31 MAC 45  ;   HRS 23 Havelock North 12   Bye – Taradale   Default win - Pirates

Points:  24 HRS, 22 Takapau, 20 Taradale, 16 Havelock North. 15 Pirates 13 MAC, 11 NOBM/Tech.  5 Flaxmere


Napier Old Boys Marist Colts 

Yesterday we had the opportunity to secure the challenge shield for another year as Pirates were our last home game of the year.   We started the game with just the 1 reserve, with the others choosing not to play or were injured.
We started the with a try early on but Pirates were up for the game and that showed when they dominated most parts of the game ending the half 24 - 7 up.  
 Early in the 2nd half we had our 2nd injury and had to play with 14. Pirates exploited this to start with and extended their lead.   However the 14 that were left decided to play some rugby and scored some nice tries. In the end we lost the challenge shield to a more committed team that simply out played us.    Final Score Pirates won 50 - 28.    OBM try scores were Paul Lapa, Fatu Peletiso, Craig Sharplin and James Mitchell.  Liam Batt converted 3 tries

Report courtesy – Bevan Hanlon

Hawkes Bay Seafoods Players of the Day    3. James Mitchell    2 Te Rima Whenuaroa      1 Sam Smithers 

Other Colts Results – Onga Tiko 19 Taradale 46   ;  Eskview 43 MAC 17    Bye - HRS

Points: 25 Taradale, 16 HRS,  12 NOBM, Pirates,  6 Onga Tiko,  6 Eskview,  0 MAC

New Players and school-leavers always Welcome

‘Team up with Napier Old Boys Marist in 2018’

For all Rugby Matters please contact

Craig Gowler
Director of Rugby & Premier head coach  -  0272 402 550


Matt Wyatt

Director of Rugby Development  -  022 616 4250

Your enquiries


NASH CUP - Premier Pool A 24/03 vs Pirates (H) won 68-9  :  30/03 vs Tech (Whitmore Pk) won 35-25  : 07/04 vs Central (Central Park)  won  74-5 :  14/04 crossover – vs Clive (Farndon Park)  won 76-0   :  21/04 vs Taradale (H)  won 67-18  :  28/04 Quarter Finals – vs Tamatea - won by default (H)  :  04/05 Semi Final – vs Taradale (H) won 89-17   :  12/05 Final vs Tech won 59-10  (H)

19/05 vs Tamatea (H) won 66-30   :  26/05 vs MAC (Flaxmere Park) won 87-7   :  02/06 vs Havelock North (Tremain Field) won 41-13  (45th consecutive wins)  :  09/06 vs HRS (Elwood Park) lost 27-40  :  16/06 vs Clive (H)  84-12 :  23/06 vs Taradale (Tareha Reserve) lost 31-37  30/06 vs Central (H) won 66-3607/07 vs Pirates  :  14/07 vs Tech (H)  :  21/07  Semi Finals 

PRATT TROPHY - Premier Reserve vs -  24/03 WCUMR (H) won 39-11 :  30/03 vs HRS (Elwood Pk) won 17-14  :  07.04 vs Aotea (H) won 88-10 14/04 vs Tamatea (Ron Giorgi Pk) won 84-5 :  21/04 vs Porongahau (White Domain) won 32-29  :  28/04 vs Maraenui (H) won 41-27 :  05/05  vs YMP (Raupunga) won 33-14  :  12/05  Final (winners pool)  NOBM v Otane (H) lost 6-24

JACK SWAIN CUP – 19/05 vs Tamatea (H)  :  26/05 vs MAC (Flaxmere Park) won 59-7 :  02/06 vs Havelock North (Tremain Field) won 40-7 :  09/06 vs HRS (Elwwod Park) won 40-30 :  16/06 vs Clive (H) won 54-10 :  23/06 vs Taradale (Tareha Reserve)won 29-20   :  30/06 vs Central (H) won 39-18 :  07/07 vs Pirates (H)  :  14/07 vs Tech (H)

MAURY COADY CUP - Thirds – This season due to insufficient numbers available for a full squad we are combining with the Tech players who are in a similar position to field a joint NOBM/NTOB XV   – 07/04 – vs Havelock North (Anderson Park) lost 14-32  :  14/04 vs Flaxmere (Whitmore Park) lost 5-25  21/04 – Bye  :  28/04 vs Pirates (Tremain Field) lost 23-24   05.05 vs HRS (Elwood Park) lost 7-37 :  12.05 vs Takapau (Takapau) lost 22-30

RON PARKER MEMORIAL CUP   26/05 vs HRS (Elwood Park) lost 12-51 :  02/06 vs Eskview (Tremain Field) won by default  :  09.06 vs MAC (Tremain Field) drew 15-15  :  16/06 vs Flaxmere (Whitmore Park) won 14-10 :  23/06 vs Taradale (Tareha Reserve) lost 3-53 :  30/06 vs Takapau (Takapau Domain)  :  07/07 vs Pirates (Tremain Field)  :  14/07 – Bye  :  21.07 vs Havelock North (Whitmore Park)  :  28/07 Semi Final

ARTHUR BROWN CUP - Colts – 14/4 vs Havelock North (Anderson Park) won 49-7 -   :  21/4 vs Taradale (Tremain Field) won 43-24  28/4 vs Pirates (Tamatea Park) won 59-5  :  5/5 vs MAC (Tremain Field) won 24-20 *  12/5 vs Eskview (Tremain Field) won 73-13  :  19/5 vs Onga Tiko (Tremain Field)   :  26/5 vs HRS (Elwood Park) lost 20-39  Final

– 02/06 vs HRS (H) won 25-18  :  09/06 vs Bye  :  16/06 Eskview (Petane Domain) won 52-24 :  23/06 vs Taradale (Tareha Reserve) lost 22-32 :  30/06 vs Pirates (H) lost 28-50 :  07/07 vs MAC (Flaxmere Park)  :  14/07 vs Onga Tiko (Mathews Memorial Park)  :  Semi Finals

  Run at the spaces, not at the faces

NOBM Coaching Staff - 2018


Head coach  - Craig Gowler   :   Assistant  - Steve Bennett

Management  - Greg Lindsey  / Tim Jones / Todd Donaldson


Premier Development

Head coach  - Sam Williams   :   Assistant  - Kurt Chambers

Management  - Wade Colville-Smith


Head coach  - Steve Smithers   :   Assistant  - Monty Monteith

Management  - Bevan Hanlon     

‘AJ’ and associates


Coaching  - Ellery Wilson / Sam Weber

Management  - Tim Jones/Craig Gowler/ Matt Wyatt


>>> A message from our Chefs Rick & Sue that the
weekly Thursday Evening Meals are available
and at  ONLY $10 each  -


Sean Skeet
Nickname: -  Skeetsy
D.O.B. 27.10.1992
Weight: 103 Kg    Height: 1.89
School: Napier Boys High
Rep Rugby: - HB U18, 20, Saracens
Favourite quote: - End of the day, night
Occupation: Builder
Lock / No.6
Favourite position: Flanker

Craig Sharplin
Nickname: - Goose, Snake
D.O.B. 30.07.1997
Weight: 87 Kg    Height: 1.83 
School: Napier Boys High
Rep Rugby: Napier Boys 3rd XV
Favourite quote: -‘I’m a part owner of Fulton Hogan!’
Occupation: Concrete cutter
Positions played: Wing – either side
Favourite position: Winger

V is for victory, victory may not be the greatest thing, but it sure beats the alternative

IN 2018

2017 Bali International 10’s Champions

“Fundraising  Opportunities  Wanted”

Hi everyone
We are going back to the 2018 Bali International 10’s Tournament in October this year to try and defend our title.
 >>> If you have any fundraising opportunities for us please message me or call me on 027 240 2550 <<<
Thanks a lot,



Super 8 Rugby
Round 4
This Saturday @ Napier BHS
1st XV

Napier Boys High 15  Hamilton Boys High 29
2nd XV
Napier Boys High
 0   Hamilton Boys High 15

Round 5 will be back in Napier vs Rotorua Boys High - next Saturday 7 July 
1st XV 12 noon   &   2nd XV @ 10.30am




MID SEASON REPORT  -  Our NOBM Juniors are well into their season playing round 8 this week To date we have 260 registered junior players from grades 5 to 12 making up 17 teams and 40 Kindy Rippers who are 3 and 4 years old bringing our Junior club numbers up to 300. . 


We currently have seven 12th grade players Zack Swanwick, Harry Campbell, Ryan Tantrum, Cohen Batterham, Eneri McGrath, Hunter Kinney and William Greer who have been selected for the Napier Ross Shield Primary Schools squad.  This is a credit to our these boys and our club as it is a tough selection process with only 30 players making it to this stage from the many talented players the Napier area.  We wish the boys all the very best for their trials and take this opportunity to remind all of our players to play rugby first and foremost because they love it.


Club Day this year was a day to celebrate, there was a great atmosphere over on the Bond Fields with some of our Premier Players there to lend a hand on the sausage sizzle and support our Juniors, in turn many Juniors were there to cheer on the senior games later in the day.  We also have several Premier players assisting with coaching, Matt Gardner and Liam Edwards also known as ‘Coaches on Crutches’ who have been coaching the 10th grade Dream Team Clean, with Liam and Matt out of action for a while we have been lucky to have Craig Gowler step in to help. Chris Johnston has been helping with 12th grade Beard Brothers and we have also spotted Chris Benson and Sam Webber lending a hand,

It is fantastic to see our wider rugby club come together and is a great example of why we are once again the ‘Grassroots Club of the Year’.


Our Premier team halfback Ellery Wilson from HBRU ran a free Tackle Clinic mid May, we had about 100 kids turn up for the session, safety and technique is a real focus for the Junior coaches.  This was a good opportunity for the kids to tune up their skills in a safe environment.  All of our Junior coaches each year attend Small Blacks training courses ran by the HBRU as a requirement for coaching.


The committee was very pleased to welcome a new team to our club this year, through the generosity of a sponsor we have a team of children from Henry Hill school playing in the 9th grade known as Marist Mangopare (Hammerheads).  Most of these children have never had the opportunity to play club rugby in the past and it is pleasing to report that several of these kids will be nominated to trial for rep teams shortly. Giving all kids the opportunity to play club rugby is something we are very passionate about,  we would like to continue extending this opportunity in the club next year and welcome any support of this initiative.


Inverell Junior Rugby Club from NSW, Australia is touring New Zealand in the July school holidays and are due to play games against our 12th and 9th grade on the Saturday 14th July at 10am, it would be great to see as many NOBM supporters there to cheer on these junior sides.  We have also had a visit from Ashburton Celtic Junior Rugby club in June who played our 11th grade team.


Our 11th grade team is currently busy fundraising for their trip to Christchurch next year where they will play against Ashburton Celtic, Christchurch Marist Albion, Timaru Celtic and Christchurch Rugby Football club.  This annual trip is made by our 12th grade team each year during Easter and is the pinnacle of our Juniors tenure at NOBM before heading off to High School the following year.  Many kids have played for our club for 8 years from the time they are 4 or 5 years old, it is our hope they will return and play for the senior club as their preferred option once they finish high school.


It was also great to see several of our volunteers recognised by Sport Hawkes Bay during volunteer week, we have about 50 volunteers from coaches to committee members that keep our junior club working.  The Junior Committee would like to extend their thanks and appreciation to all of our coaches, manager and referees and their families for the time and huge commitment they make to our rugby community.  We would also like to wish our senior teams all the best during this round of competition and look forward to our Premiers retaining the Tui Maddison Trophy – Go the Green Machine !

Report courtesy – Hayley Ceselli,  Junior Club secretary


For more details check us out on Facebook:

2018 NOBM Junior Rugby Committee

Bevan Condin (Chairman), Jason Evans (Convenor), Hayley Ceselli (Secretary),

Waka Petera, Dave Walls, Rochelle Williams, Grant Frommherz.


For further Junior Rugby Info please contact > Bevan Condin  (021) 160 5118   or   Hayley Ceselli  (021) 765 701

“New Players Welcome to Team up with us in 2018”



club noticeboard

our  Mission  statement

"To provide a sporting and recreational club for both men and women which encourages both individuals and teams to reach their maximum potential in their chosen sporting club endeavours.
In doing this it
would always be our aim to maintain a fun club spirit, which treats every person equally and which ensures that the club runs on a profitable basis"

Clubroom Happenings

‘200 CLUB’
Draw 4
$100 No.170 Fran Halpin   $80 No.129 Brian Quirke    $60 No.24 Bill Halpin

Shape Life  Brokers  Supporter of the Day – Janice O’Connor

Pak n Save Tamatea
  raffle winner  this week – Wade Colville-Smith

Brokerweb Risk Services Lucky Members  draw $300 –  Peter Bainbridge -  was present so the pool is back to $100  next week
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Annual Sponsors Function
Lucky  ‘Shed 2 – Caution’  Sponsors draws:

1. Mark Tremain – Think Water    2. Andrew Greaney – Pac n Save
3. Mike Jensen – Shape Life & Financial Brokers   4. Wayne Zaloum – Napier Collision Repairs

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‘Green Machine’ Kooga Caps

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on  Saturday afternoons
All members and friends Welcome
Join our affiliate codes sportsmen/women – footballers, netballers, cricketers & softballers at the clubrooms.

Call in for a cool TUI or two..... and a game of Pool


Clubroom Bookings
for all Functions or Events

In the first instance please contact:
Director of Club Management
 Wade Colville-Smith
 Mobile - 021 059 3943


 THAT our Director of club management Wayne Colville-Smith wishes to announce that our next ‘event’ scheduled for the clubrooms will be an  ABC ‘anything but clothes’ themed dress up party – to be held at the clubrooms on Saturday 14 July – 7.30pm – late.  Featuring guest band - Verdant Blue -  More details to be announced – mark July 14 on your calendar today….

THAT  a Flashback to the McLean Park noticeboard a season or three ago says it all following a surprise loss by the Magpies and never far off the ball was Tui who certainly didn’t waste any time in making a meal out of it too.



THAT a reminder to our ‘rugby veterans’  -  Next Golden Oldies tournament Sun.15 July hosted by Pirates, also on Sunday 5 or 12 August with the host club still to be announced.  So guys now is the time to get out for a jog or two – the Fun is now underway.

THAT   40 years on……1978
- Saw the passing  after some years of ill health one of Marist's most colourful and at times controversial sporting personalities the former Chairman Brian Mahony.  Under President Jim O'Rourke, the Club had another successful season in  winning the Black & White Shield, which is awarded to the best performed Hawkes Bay club registering the most wins from its senior club teams.  Hastings Celtic who hosted the Spillane Cup beat Napier Marist in the final by the very close margin of 6 nil.  Celtic went on to complete a successful double by also taking out the Maddison Trophy.

The Club's efforts were unfortunately thwarted by a string of injuries to key players  during the season which left us 3rd equal.  The Under 23 team established a local record  with their 104-0 win over Eskview.  20 tries were run in, with first five Mike Damen contributing no less than 44 points!

In a fixture which was arranged  to coincide  with the Marist School's Centenary, a New Zealand Marist XV staged a remarkable second half recovery in their match against Hawkes Bay at McLean Park.  After trailing 0-18 at the halftime break, they really wrapped up the game to emerge deserved winners 29-18.  This certainly put the icing on the cake on the closing day of the centenary celebrations and put Marist Rugby on the top shelf in the eyes of the provinces rugby patrons.  For Hawkes Bay rugby, this was the first indication of the crunch to come and the eventual relegation to Division 2 in the new National Provincial competition.  The clubs 1978 Sportsman of the Year - John 'chook' O'Rourke 

THAT  here is a likely looking treble in this Flashback from our Napier Old Boys Marist Junior rugby records which feature a yesteryear pic of our 5th grade Green team with the Wakefield triplets in front from left Dillon, Ben and Sam.  Where are they now ?  The photo featured in the 1992 Napier hosted Ross Shield in an article of another unique treble of  former Ross Shield players who all represented the All Blacks John Timu, and Matthew and Greg Cooper with the Cooper brothers also former Marist junior rugby players.

a reminder to our readers – If  YOU would like to contribute or offer your comments re rugby in general or our Club, then send a ‘Letter to the Editor’.   Please feel free to email your contributions - we look forward to your comments and thoughts.  Don’t bottle it up or tell someone else contact TeamTalk today.

THAT here is another old Irish Proverb  -  A dog owns nothing, yet is seldom dissatisfied.

THAT this weeks edition will be also posted as usual on the clubs website -  - add this link to your favourites for future reference.   Ed


++++  Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.


“We are one of the top yellow-card teams in the world last year so I’m not sure how this soft on us notion came to fruition.”
AB assistant coach Ian Foster hits back at former elite English referee Debney claim that the home side ‘s acts of foul went unpunished.

“I heard the referee say ‘I saw a clear grounding’ and then the try was not awarded. So who is controlling the game.?”
Steve Hansen comments on the outcome of Shannon Frizell’s disallowed try following the input of TMO George Ayoub who disagreed.

“Taradale wanted it more. But at the same time we got a tough time from the officials.”
OBM head coach Craig Gowler following the loss to Taradale.


Test  Your Rugby Knowledge 

This Weeks Poser – How many points did Damian McKenzie score in last weeks test  ?    

Poser 2 – In round robinntral play how many home games will the Magpies play at McLean Park  ?         

Poser 3
 – Up to and including the match v Central yesterday how many tries has winger Michael Buckley scored in HB competition play this season ?  

Last Weeks Poser – Ireland 25 Wallabies 21 last Saturday where was the test match played ?    Answer – AAMI Park, Melbourne

Poser 2 –  In last nights 3rd test how many conversions did Damian McKenzie miss     Answer – None

Poser 3
 – What was the NOB Marist vs Taradale score in the Nash Cup round ?      Answer – NOB Marist 67 Taradale 18

Super Rugby

Round 17 -  Fri.29 June  Blues 39 Reds 16 :  Rebels 26 Waratahs 31 :  Sat.30  Highlanders 22 Chiefs 45  :  Brumbies 24 Hurricanes 12 :  Sunwolves 42 Bulls 37  :  Sun.1 July  Sharks 31 Lions 24  :  Jaguares 25 Stormers 14

Round 18  -  Fri.6 July Crusaders v Highlanders  :  Reds v Rebels  Sat.7  Chiefs v Brumbies  :  Hurricanes v Blues  :  Waratahs v Sunwolves   Sun .8  Bulls v Jaguares  :  Stormers v Sharks

International Rugby > Latest World Rugby Rankings: 1. New Zealand 93.99%,  2. Ireland 90.12%,  3. Wales 85.94%,  4. England 85.68%,  5. Australia  84.48%,  6. South Africa 83.32%,  7. Scotland 83.02%  8. France 79.10%,  9.Fiji 76.54%,  10. Argentina 75.55%



New Zealand Marist Rugby Federation
An organization initiated to promote and foster a spirit of union, co-operation and close friendly relations between all Marist and similar rugby union football clubs in New Zealand, Australasia and the Pacific.


Yesterdays June 30 roundup of available affiliate club results forwarded courtesy NZM President Richie McRae:

 Whangarei OB Marist 30
Wellsford 33  :   Auckland Marist 29 Manakau 15  :  Ardmore Marist 86 Onewhero 0  :   Hamilton Marist 12 Morrinsville 13  :    Whakatane Marist 31 Rotorua Marist St Michaels 26  :      Gisborne OBM 16 YMP 52  :  Napier OBM 66 Central 38  :  Hastings R&S  64 Tamatea 24  :   Tukapa 20 Spotswood 19  :  Masterton Marist 23 Greytown 13  :  Marist St Pats 14 Tawa 15  :  Hutt OBM 34 Norths 35  :  Nelson Marist 41 Central (Blenheim) 36  :  ChCh Marist Albion 34 Burnside 14  :  Ashburton Celtic 32 Southern 37  :  Timaru Celtic 55 Waimate 26  :   White Star 32 Ngakawua 28  :  Greymouth Marist 25 Blaketown 23  :  Athletic Marist 27 Kurow 66  :  Invercargill Marist 34 Star 17

> 2018 South Island Marist
Tournament – hosted by the Ashburton Celtic Club – 3-4 March 2018
> 2018 NZ Marist Colts Tour (Timaru, Oamaru, Dunedin, Invercargill)
> 2018 NZ Marist Senior XV  vs  NZRU Heartland XV  - details tbc
> 2019 – 88th Spillane TournamentNew Plymouth (Tukapa RFC) dates to be announced

>>>  <<<
Check out the NZ Marist website -


EHM Netball 

ExHigh Marist Shamrocks 16 Taradale Fury 21  P.O.D. Alice Munro

Next week game @ Napier Onekawa courts

Come and give the team some support

On Tuesday night come to PG arena and watch our ExHigh Marist Over 40’s play, game starts @ 7pm.

Come along  and support the Shamrocks



WE - Need more players to fill our teams  >>> Come and join our friendly club.

>>>For more Info  please Contact: President: Glenys Hannan  027 8355 565

Secretary/Treasurer:  Jacqui Gardiner  0272 398 204  or  Gear Manager: Jo Exeter  0276 227 607  /  Jill Verschaffelt  027 299 2704 

Like us on facebook to keep up to date with all the happenings.
‘Team up with ExHigh Marist Netball in 2018'



Thanks to our clubs major sponsors -
Alexander Electric  -  Red Steel  -  Tamatea Pak n Save.
>>> For all Napier Marist Football info please contact - Kevin Murphy  -  0272 970 238



Patron – John O’Shaughnessy    President – Dave Herrick 
 Secretary – Andrew Frame   Treasurer – James McCorkindale   Auditor – David Pearson   Club Captain/Development Officer – to be appointed  
Committee: Del Whyte,  Matthew Sinclair,  Glen Walklin,  Daniel Whyte,  Abby Burrows,  Calim Leathard  - plus Club Coach and Team Captains.
For all Cricket Info please contact:
- Secretary - Andrew Frame   ph.843 7701 H  /  021 102 4990  -
or  Del Whyte – 021 705 030  -

“New Players Welcome to Team up with us for the 2018-19 Season

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Club Contact: Dianne de Lautour - 027 240 3235
“New Players Welcome to Team up with us for THE 2018-19

The Leprechaun Comments 

An irate Irish wife phoned Kelly’s Alehouse the other night asked for the barman.
 “Would you kindly tell my Paddy that you have told me that he has just left for home,” she said and hung up.

Declan, Mick and Seamus entered their local pub’s weekly raffle and to their surprise, they each won a prize:

Declan a bottle of whisky, Mick a large turkey and Seamus a toilet brush.

The next week, they met again in the pub and talked about their prizes.Declan extolled the pleasures of his smooth Irish whisky, while Mick reported that the turkey was the most delicious he had ever tasted

Seamus looked rather glum when asked about the toilet brush.

‘It wasn’t that great,’ he said. ‘I think I’ll go back to using paper.’

We look forward to seeing all rugby players, footballers, netballers, cricketers and softballers and friends at the clubrooms each Saturday  -  Pop in for cool Tui or two  - Also bring along your mates for an Ale and a chat.    All members and Friends Welcome ............. Ed

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