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TeamTalk Update - 10 June 2018

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Eddie Wilson


Non-playing SUBS now Due

Napier Old Boys Marist Rugby Club


10 June 2018

Contents usually include: Old Boys Marist Senior & Junior rugby reports - weekly competition & draw winners - NZ Marist - affiliates Cricket, Netball, Football and Softball seasonal reports - Club Social events  -  News & Views etc etc.

Views and comments in this publication are not necessarily those
of the executive or policy of the Napier Old Boys Marist Rugby Club.

“Team up with a Winning Club in 2018”


A very proud Chairman Terry Gittings receives the  Zeelandt
Brewery Hawkes Bay ‘Grassroots Club of the Year’
 from the CEO of Sports Hawkes Bay Mark Aspden.

Napier Old Boys Marist’s award winning executive at the annual Hawkes Bay
Sports Awards – Matt  Wyatt – Director Rugby Development, Bill Halpin
– Director of Funding,  Terry Gittings – Chairman, Craig Gowler
 – Director of Rugby, Director of Finance – Craig Riddiford.

Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war

+  McKew Cup

Napier Old Boys Marist Premiers  27  HASTINGS RUGBY & SPORTS 40

Well…… it’s been a long time since I have had to write a wee story that ends with a loss…. A perfect day for rugby at Elwood park, soft field, sun shining and no wind. An early try to us and we all thought it would carry on this way.  HRS came back with one of their own 6 minutes later followed by another one after another 6 minutes. We replied at the 30 minute mark to take the lead 17-14 only to let them in again right on the halftime whistle, score at the break was 21-17 down.

A try to us 4 minutes into the 2nd spell brought us back into this game…. At 70 minutes we were 28-27 down, unfortunately the bounce of the ball was against us and we let two more tries in to give the final score of 40-27.  A great game of rugby to watch and this game could of gone either way.  There will be some very sore boys this morning.  The record of 46 wins on the trot will stay with Clive for now…   45 is not a bad effort though, hats off to Craig for obtaining this. Try scorers were Ellery Wilson 1, Tyler Symon-Burke 1, Shae Tucker 1, Michael Buckley 1,  Johnny Lauano 1 try and 1 conversion.

Many thanks to our sponsors & supporters, we really appreciate the support, however it was brought to my attention that one spectator launched a personal attack on our referee whilst on route back to the changing sheds, extremely disappointing, enough said….

Report courtesy – Greig Lindsay


Scoring:  - 3min. Ellery Wilson try -  5-0 ;  9m HRS try/con -  5-7 ;  19m  HRS try/con - 5-14 ;  30m Tyler Symons-Burke try -  10-14 ;  35m Shae Tucker try/con Johnny Lauano -  17-14 ;  38m HRS try/con  -  17-21  ///   44m Johnny Lauano try - 22-21 ;  58m HRS try/con. -  22-28 ;  70m  Michael Buckley -  27-28 ;  75m  HRS try/con -  27-35 ;  80m  HRS try  -  27-40 


Hawkes Bay Seafoods Players of the Day -  3. Matt Gardner    2. Ricky Hayes   1. Shae Tucker

Other Results: Clive 58 Tech 36  :  Havelock North 35 MAC 25  :  Central 32 Tamatea 24  :  Taradale 18 Pirates 18

Points:  20 HRS, 16 NOBM, 14 Havelock North, Taradale,  13 Clive, 11 Central, 10 MAC,   4 Tech, 3 Pirates,  2 Tamatea



A customary touchdown for WIT Trust Premiers winger Michael Buckley in the 70th minute of yesterdays classic losing encounter against our NZ Marist affiliates Hastings Rugby & Sports who took out this fourth round Maddison Trophy match 40-27.   Napier Old Boys Marist Premiers first loss after an incredible 45 match consecutive winning run over the past three seasons.

The teams last loss was 12-24 vs Havelock North at Anderson Park back on 30 April 2016.  An impressive run and certainly something to be intensely proud of by all of our Napier Old Boys Marist players who made up our Premier teams over this period.   They can all certainly hold their heads high.  Now guys lets get back on the horse…..

The greatest test of courage is to bear defeat without losing heart.





Napier Old Boys Marist Premier Reserve  40  HASTINGS RUGBY & SPORTS 30

This week the Richard Kepka Builders premier development team were over to Elwood Park to face a tough HRS side. We had a good build up pre-game and were confident that we could get a positive result against this top team.

We started slowly with HRS attacking our line for the first 10 minutes, but our defence was good, and we only conceded a penalty. From the restart we won the ball and controlled it well attacking from left to right as we made our way up field. Kurt managed to score soon after and Sam converted to give us a 7-3 lead.  We had found our confidence now and moved the ball freely around the park.  A few moments later George was in for our next try which was also converted by Sam.  HRS managed to score another penalty from a poor breakdown call in front of our posts, and then an intercept from blatant offside play had them scoring close to the posts to take us to the break at 14-13 up.   The talk at half time was to trust our systems and not to rush what we were doing.  We had HRS stretched all over the park, but the half time score did not reflect how dominant we had been.

The second half started well, we played the game at the tempo we wanted and moved our way up field with ease.  The forward carried strongly laying the platform for our backs to run rampant.  The best part in all of this was the way everyone chipped in with the work load.  Backs were in the pods when required helping the forwards get over the gain line and the forwards filled the space in the backline with crisp passing and interlinking to give our outsides clean fast ball.  We score 4 beautiful tries in the first 25 minutes of the half. Sami, Thomas and Jared all scored from well worked moves with Sam converting all of these and then Noah chipped to finish a rumbling effort from the forwards.

We decided to give our bench a run for the last 20 minutes seem as we were up 40 to 13. Unfortunately making too many changes at once played right in to HRS’s hands. We lost our structure on defence as some of our players that were on from the start began cramping and slowing down. Not being able to change up some of these guys created holes that they were able to exploit scoring 3 tries to bring the game back to 40-30.  The last 5 minutes we were able to get some possession and calm things down to take out the win.

All in all, a pleasing game to watch, All the supporters on the side-line were well entertained throughout the match and its great to see them all there and be able to put on a good performance.   Lastly well done to our Premier team for what they have done throughout the past 3 years, although you didn’t get the result today the club is proud of the way you have played week in, week out.  No one likes a loss, but I know it will just make you guys hungrier for that Maddison 3 peat.

Report courtesy – Wade Colville-Smith


Hawkes Bay Seafoods Players of the Day -  3. Corey Hardie      2. Hamiora Miringaorangi     1. Sami Lauano

Other Results: Clive 24 Tech 12  :  Havelock North 27 MAC 17  :  Central 25 Tamatea 22   Bye - Taradale

20 NOBM,  14 Taradale,  11 HRS  10 Havelock North, Clive,  6 MAC Tech,   4 Tamatea,  2 Central,




Napier Old Boys Marist / Texan Doolans Thirds 15 MAC 15

Drew 15-15 in a hard fought game against MAC at Tremain Field in the main game on the main ground of HB rugby. With winter now upon us a few of the boys must have had the MAC flu as we were down on numbers for the first time for a while. 

We started the game well, and there was not too much in it after the first half hour, but the next half hour we unfortunately let their big boys run through us a bit too easily. Most of their team was nearly as wide as they were high, but unfortunately we forgot to tackle low enough.  We ended well, as we usually seem to do and last points went to us with a penalty.

Flaxmere next week at Whitmore on Techs club day. Hopefully we can get 5 points like we did on our club day.

Report courtesy of ‘AJ’ 

Hawkes Bay Seafoods Players of the Day -   3. Alan G   2. Robbie   1. Gary D

Other Thirds Results – Pirates 0 Taradale 40  :  HRS 43 Takapau 36  :  Havelock North 38 Flaxmere 20
Points:  15 HRS,  12 Takapau,  11 Taradale,  10 Havelock North,  7 MAC,  5  NOBM/Tech,  1 Pirate, Flaxmere



Napier Old Boys Marist Colts 
-  Bye 

Report courtesy – Bevan Hanlon

Hawkes Bay Seafoods Players of the Day   

Other Colts Results – Pirates 43 Eskview 21  :  Taradale 55 MAC ?  :  hrs 32 Onga Tiko 7   Bye - NOBM
Points: 10 Pirates, Taradale,  6 HRS,  5 NOBM,  1 Onga Tiko,  0 Eskview, MAC

New Players and school-leavers always Welcome

‘Team up with Napier Old Boys Marist in 2018’

For all Rugby Matters please contact

Craig Gowler
Director of Rugby & Premier head coach  -  0272 402 550


Matt Wyatt

Director of Rugby Development  -  022 616 4250

Your enquiries

Congratulations to the following NOBM players who have been selected for the Hawkes Bay U19 squad
 - Lolani Faleiva,  Cameron Hiuata,  Lee Moleli,  Daniel Sharplin.


NASH CUP - Premier Pool A 24/03 vs Pirates (H) won 68-9  :  30/03 vs Tech (Whitmore Pk) won 35-25  : 07/04 vs Central (Central Park)  won  74-5 :  14/04 crossover – vs Clive (Farndon Park)  won 76-0   :  21/04 vs Taradale (H)  won 67-18  :  28/04 Quarter Finals – vs Tamatea - won by default (H)  :  04/05 Semi Final – vs Taradale (H) won 89-17   :  12/05 Final vs Tech won 59-10  (H)

19/05 vs Tamatea (H) won 66-30   :  26/05 vs MAC (Flaxmere Park) won 87-7   :  02/06 vs Havelock North (Tremain Field) won 41-13  (45th consecutive wins)  :  09/06 vs HRS (Elwood Park) lost 27-40  :  16/06 vs Clive (H)  :  23/06 vs Taradale (Tareha Reserve)  30/06 vs Central (H)  :  07/07 vs Pirates  :  14/07 vs Tech (H)  :  21/07  Semi Finals 

PRATT TROPHY - Premier Reserve vs -  24/03 WCUMR (H) won 39-11 :  30/03 vs HRS (Elwood Pk) won 17-14  :  07.04 vs Aotea (H) won 88-10 14/04 vs Tamatea (Ron Giorgi Pk) won 84-5 :  21/04 vs Porongahau (White Domain) won 32-29  :  28/04 vs Maraenui (H) won 41-27 :  05/05  vs YMP (Raupunga) won 33-14  :  12/05  Final (winners pool)  NOBM v Otane (H) lost 6-24

JACK SWAIN CUP – 19/05 vs Tamatea (H)  :  26/05 vs MAC (Flaxmere Park) won 59-7 :  02/06 vs Havelock North (Tremain Field) won 40-7 :  09/06 vs HRS (Elwwod Park) won 40-30 :  16/06 vs Clive (H)  :  23/06 vs Taradale (Tareha Reserve)  :  30/06 vs Central (H)  :  07/07 vs Pirates (H)  :  14/07 vs Tech (H)

MAURY COADY CUP - Thirds – This season due to insufficient numbers available for a full squad we are combining with the Tech players who are in a similar position to field a joint NOBM/NTOB XV   – 07/04 – vs Havelock North (Anderson Park) lost 14-32  :  14/04 vs Flaxmere (Whitmore Park) lost 5-25  21/04 – Bye  :  28/04 vs Pirates (Tremain Field) lost 23-24   05.05 vs HRS (Elwood Park) lost 7-37 :  12.05 vs Takapau (Takapau) lost 22-30

RON PARKER MEMORIAL CUP   26/05 vs HRS (Elwood Park) lost 12-51 :  02/06 vs Eskview (Tremain Field) won by default  :  09.06 vs MAC (Tremain Field) drew 15-15  :  16/06 vs Flaxmere (Whitmore Park)  :  23/06 vs Taradale (Tareha Reserve)  :  30/06 vs Takapau (Takapau Domain)  :  07/07 vs Pirates (Tremain Field)  :  14/07 – Bye  :  21.07 vs Havelock North (Whitmore Park)  :  28/07 Semi Final

ARTHUR BROWN CUP - Colts – 14/4 vs Havelock North (Anderson Park) won 49-7 -   :  21/4 vs Taradale (Tremain Field) won 43-24  28/4 vs Pirates (Tamatea Park) won 59-5  :  5/5 vs MAC (Tremain Field) won 24-20 *  12/5 vs Eskview (Tremain Field) won 73-13  :  19/5 vs Onga Tiko (Tremain Field)   :  26/5 vs HRS (Elwood Park) lost 20-39  Final

– 02/06 vs HRS (H) won 25-18  :  09/06 vs Bye  :  16/06 Eskview (Petane Domain)  :  23/06 vs Taradale (Tareha Reserve)  :  30/06 vs Pirates (H)  :  07/07 vs MAC (Flaxmere Park)  :  14/07 vs Onga Tiko (Mathews Memorial Park)  :  Semi Finals

"Run at the spaces, not at the faces"

NOBM Coaching Staff - 2018


Head coach  - Craig Gowler   :   Assistant  - Steve Bennett

Management  - Greg Lindsey  / Tim Jones / Todd Donaldson


Premier Development

Head coach  - Sam Williams   :   Assistant  - Kurt Chambers

Management  - Wade Colville-Smith


Head coach  - Steve Smithers   :   Assistant  - Monty Monteith

Management  - Bevan Hanlon     

‘AJ’ and associates


Coaching  - Ellery Wilson / Sam Weber

Management  - Tim Jones/Craig Gowler/ Matt Wyatt

Spot the Ball

A little ‘on the ball’ action from the recent clash with MAC at Flaxmere Park.



>>> A message from our Chefs Rick & Sue that the
weekly Thursday Evening Meals are available
and at  ONLY $10 each  -


Chris Benson

Nickname: Bonson, Bouse, Dotsmin
D.O.B. 25.08.1999
Weight:  110 Kg    Height: 1.85
School: Hastings BHS
Rep Rugby: Hawkes Bay Saracens 2015, 2017
Favourite quote: ‘Spend money to make money’
Occupation: Bean Counter/Computers
Positions played: #1
Favourite position: #1

Ellery Wilson
Nickname: -  “Koro”, “Maori Chief”, “Nugget”.
D.O.B. 19.03.1990
Weight: 86Kg   Height: 1.77
School: St Patricks College, Silverstream
Rep Rugby: Hawkes Bay Magpies 2014-2018
Rugby Development/Talent Identification
Favourite quote: -  “Make the Magic happen”.
Positions played: Halfback.
Favourite position: Halfback.

Willy Benson
Nickname: Billbot (due to running like a robot)
D.O.B. 11.12.1987
Weight:    96 Kg.   Height: 1.83
School: Hastings Boys High
Rep Rugby:  none
Favourite quote: ‘The true character of a man is not defined by what he does in front of a crowd, but instead by what he does when no one else is around.’
Occupation: Swim Coach
Positions played: 7/6/2
Favourite position: anywhere not in the front row.

IN 2018

2017 Bali International 10’s Champions

“Fundraising  Opportunities  Wanted”

Hi everyone
We are going back to the 2018 Bali International 10’s Tournament in October this year to try and defend our title.
 >>> If you have any fundraising opportunities for us please message me or call me on 027 240 2550 <<<
Thanks a lot,



Super 8 Rugby
Napier Boys High 1ST XV 47  Gisborne Boys High 1ST 20
Napier Boys High 2nd XV 21  Gisborne Boys High 2nd XV  17
Both games were played in Napier yesterday in the opening round the 2018 Super 8 competition.
Round 2  will be vs Hastings BHS next Saturday 16 June at Hastings Boys High.

Super 8 Action
from the Napier Boys High 1ST XV 47-20 win over
 Gisborne Boys High at NBHS yesterday.

Did You Know
That no less than twelve of the current Napier Boys High 1st XV played their Junior rugby for Napier Old Boys Marist.  Make the effort to get along and support these rising stars at their next Super 8 game.



Premier members supporting our Juniors on Club Day

It was great to see the involvement of our Premier players taking part in our annual Club Day last Saturday
before their own important Maddison Trophy match  helping out with the Junior clubs barbecue and other
activities as well as their team warmups and watching their games.  Lining up for a pic with the our young
premiers of the future are head coach Craig Gowler, Mitch Drew, Ricky Hayes, Todd Donaldson,
Chris Kiely, Milo Lauano and in front Michael Buckley

For more details check us out on Facebook: 


>>> A Massive Congratulations to the winners of our Club Day Raffle.  Each of them will take away a basket full of awesome Kooga gear.  Thanks for supporting NOBM Junior Rugby. Winners: -  338. Jason L.,  299. Anne-Marie Rae.  166. Cristal Specht

Our southern Ashburton Celtic visit -  Following their matched against our Napier OBM 11TH grade and Hastings Rugby & Sports our visiting Ashburton Celtic U11.5’s team completed their trip to Hawkes Bay with a match on Queens Birthday against their counterparts from Napier Pirates 10th grade which was a more even match than their earlier games against NOBM and Hastings R&S.  The Monday game with Pirates was lost 15-10.  Despite their rugby results the boys, coaches and parents who had also travelled with the team had a great time.  It was just unfortunate though that we couldn’t turn on better weather for our visitors over the long weekend.  Next time…..

2018 NOBM Junior Rugby Committee

Bevan Condin (Chairman), Jason Evans (Convenor), Hayley Ceselli (Secretary),

Waka Petera, Dave Walls, Rochelle Williams, Grant Frommherz.


For further Junior Rugby Info please contact > Bevan Condin  (021) 160 5118   or   Hayley Ceselli  (021) 765 701

“New Players Welcome to Team up with us in 2018”



club noticeboard

our  Mission  statement

"To provide a sporting and recreational club for both men and women which encourages both individuals and teams to reach their maximum potential in their chosen sporting club endeavours.
In doing this it
would always be our aim to maintain a fun club spirit, which treats every person equally and which ensures that the club runs on a profitable basis"

Clubroom Happenings

‘200 CLUB’
Draw 1
$100 No.50 - Hilton Meech    $80 No.110 - David Conroy    $60 No.101 - Peter De Lautour

Shape Life  Brokers  Supporter of the Day – Angela O’Connor

Pak n Save Tamatea
  raffle winner  this week – Bernie Blundell

Brokerweb Risk Services Lucky Members  draw $100 –  Noah Growcott – was not present so pool increases to $150  next week
>>>  Make Sure YOUR Subs are paid to be elegible and YOU are present at the clubrooms

The Bachelor Night’ is back 
next Saturday 16th June 2018

Stay tuned as tickets for the ‘Bachelor Night 2018’ went on sale from Friday the 25th May.

For tickets contact -  Napier Obm on Facebook/messenger  or  purchase over the Club Bar

This year we are adding in “Ladies Day at the Rugby” this will be prior to the Bachelor Night running from 2pm-5pm in a private Marquee. Drinks and Canapes free flow.
“Ladies Day at the Rugby” tickets are also now on sale - these tickets are limited so pass the word around.

Grab a Club Bargain Today

‘Green Machine’ Kooga Caps

Available now from the Club Bar
At the bargain price of only  $20 adult size  &  $15 kids size

Be in quick as stock is selling fast

It great to see quite a number of club members have taken up 
the opportunity to purchase some of these club branded caps


See YOU at the Clubrooms
on  Saturday afternoons
All members and friends Welcome
Join our affiliate codes sportsmen/women – footballers, netballers, cricketers & softballers at the clubrooms.

Call in for a cool TUI or two..... and a game of Pool


Clubroom Bookings
for all Functions or Events

In the first instance please contact:
Club Bar Manager
 Wade Colville-Smith
 Mobile - 021 059 3943


THAT here is a famous Ranfurly Shield Flashback from 9 August, 1969 that features Magpies Kelvin Tremain and King Country’s Colin Meads leading their teams our on the McLean Park.   This game was the closest King Country has ever come to winning the Ranfurly Shield.  Trailing 19–6 early in the second half, King Country was inspired by Colin Meads to score two converted tries, making the score 19–16.  Meads seemed to be everywhere.  Legend has it that one of the touch judges asked the referee to count how many Bay players were on the field – ‘I think Meads might have eaten one’.  The Bay held on to win the match and keep the Log o’ Wood.

THAT a Flashback of more memories of the early days of our amalgamation which sees a hospitality box function in 1992 for some of our life members who were available to attend a Maddison Trophy match to watch our Premier team in action at McLean Park.  From left Phil Primrose, Jim Blundell  and Bruce Hawkins,  Morrie McGill, and Reg Macdonald.  Unfortunately Messrs Primrose, Blundell, Hawkins and Macdonald are now deceased life members of the club who are are sure to be looking down on and enjoying the great rugby that our Premiers have been playing over the past couple of years.

a reminder to our ‘rugby veterans’  -  Next Golden Oldies tournamentSun. 24 June hosted by Takapau.  Sun.15 July hosted by Pirates, also on Sunday 5 or 12 August with the host club still to be announced.  So guys now is the time to get out for a jog or two – the Fun is now underway.

THAT a recent action club pic showing nothings changed with his ball running ability sees Joseph Penitito having to be virtually held down from becoming ‘airborne’ against French opponents.

a reminder to our readers – If  YOU would like to contribute or offer your comments re rugby in general or our Club, then send a ‘Letter to the Editor’.   Please feel free to email your contributions - we look forward to your comments and thoughts.  Don’t bottle it up or tell someone else contact TeamTalk today.


THAT the uncompromising loose forward Kevin ‘Smiley’ Barrett who played no less than 167 games for his beloved Taranaki as well as 15 for the Hurricanes really stuck to his word on retiring from his playing days, “I’m going to retire to the farm to breed All Blacks.”  How true.  And there wouldn’t have been a prouder dad last night to see all three sons Beauden, Scott and Jordie all make the All Blacks starting XV in the opening test against the touring French team.

here is another old Irish Proverb  -  Better to be a man of than a man of means.
THAT here is another Flashback from 1992 which features NOBM club captain Kevin Murphy making presentations from the club to our local feeder high schools.  At left is Evan Crawford of St John’s College and on the right Napier Boys High Schools Bill Geange receiving the branded ‘Napier OB Marist’ goalpost pads.  Note the green and blue lettering for the respective schools.

THAT this weeks edition will be also posted as usual on the clubs website -  - add this link to your favourites for future reference.   Ed


++++  Forwards win games, backs decide by how much


“I think Meads might have eaten one”.
 Touch judge rumoured to have asked the referee to count how many Bay players were on the field in the tight 1969 Ranfurly Shield challenge which Hawkes Bay hung on to win 19-16.

This looks a good team on paper, let’s see how it looks on grass.”
Annonymous NOBM rugby supporter.

“I was never good enough to play for the All Blacks. I’d give up everything I’ve done in coaching to play one game. And most people would say I’d be lucky.  He’s played a hundred.”
Hansen commenting on Ma’a Nonu’s 100th game for the ABs, reflecting Hansen’s veneration of the history and status of the All Blacks.

Test  Your Rugby Knowledge 

This Weeks Poser – How many games has Hawkes Bay played as the holder of the Ranfurly Shield ?   

Poser 2 –  Against whom did England lose their last four games to prior to this weekend test vs South Africa ?       

Poser 3
 – Who was the most capped starting All Black in last night first test vs France ?  

Last weeks Poser – How many tries did high scoring NOBM Premier winger Michael Buckley get in the Nash Cup round ?       Answer - 12

Poser 2 – Beauden, Scott and Jordie Barrett, Conrad Smith and Ricky Riccitelli, what secondary school did the attend ?         Answer – Francis Douglas Memorial College, New Plymouth

Poser 3
 – Who did our NOBM Premiers play in the 2017 Maddison Trophy semi-final ?       Answer -  Hastings Rugby & Sports (won narrowly 26-22)   


   Round 17 -  Fri.29 June  Blues v Reds  :  Rebels  v Waratahs  :  Sat.30  Highlanders v Chiefs  :  Brumbies v Hurricanes  :  Sunwolves v Bulls  :  Sun.1 July  Sharks v Lions  :  Jaguares v Stormers

Round 18  -  Fri.6 July Crusaders v Highlanders  :  Reds v Rebels  Sat.7  Chiefs v Brumbies  :  Hurricanes v Blues  :  Waratahs v Sunwolves   Sun .8  Bulls v Jaguares  :  Stormers v Sharks

International Rugby – last nights results
All Blacks 52 France 11
Australia 18 Ireland 9
South Africa  42 England 39
Wales 23 Argentina 10


New Zealand Marist Rugby Federation
An organization initiated to promote and foster a spirit of union, co-operation and close friendly relations between all Marist and similar rugby union football clubs in New Zealand, Australasia and the Pacific.
Memo to affiliate NZ Marist Clubs
As the National Club Rugby Results are no longer being collectively  compiled by the media and Stuff websites
etc  we unfortunately  cannot publish a roundup of our NZ Marist affiliate club results as in the as in the past unless clubs send their results by Sunday morning or sooner after their most recent games: -

If clubs wish to forward their Premier team and opponents result to –  or text to  0274 470 330 
prior to noon on a Sunday,  your results along with other affiliates results will be added to our weekly edition of


> 2018 – 87th Spillane TournamentAuckland – 9-11 March 2018
> 2018 South Island Marist
Tournament – hosted by the Ashburton Celtic Club – 3-4 March 2018
> 2018 NZ Marist Colts Tour (Timaru, Oamaru, Dunedin, Invercargill)
> 2018 NZ Marist Senior XV  vs  NZRU Heartland XV  - details tbc

>>>  <<<
Check out the NZ Marist website -


EHM Netball 

ExHigh Marist Shamrocks won 22-12  Player of the Day – Ash
Come and support the Shamrocks



WE - Need more players to fill our teams  >>> Come and join our friendly club.

>>>For more Info  please Contact: President: Glenys Hannan  027 8355 565

Secretary/Treasurer:  Jacqui Gardiner  0272 398 204  or  Gear Manager: Jo Exeter  0276 227 607  /  Jill Verschaffelt  027 299 2704 

Like us on facebook to keep up to date with all the happenings.
‘Team up with ExHigh Marist Netball in 2018'


Thanks to our clubs major sponsors -
Alexander Electric  -  Red Steel  -  Tamatea Pak n Save.
>>> For all Napier Marist Football info please contact - Kevin Murphy  -  0272 970 238



Patron – John O’Shaughnessy    President – Dave Herrick 
 Secretary – Andrew Frame   Treasurer – James McCorkindale   Auditor – David Pearson   Club Captain/Development Officer – to be appointed  
Committee: Del Whyte,  Matthew Sinclair,  Glen Walklin,  Daniel Whyte,  Abby Burrows,  Calim Leathard  - plus Club Coach and Team Captains.
For all Cricket Info please contact:
- Secretary - Andrew Frame   ph.843 7701 H  /  021 102 4990  -
or  Del Whyte – 021 705 030  -

“New Players Welcome to Team up with us for the 2018-19 Season

Contacts:  Club Chairman: Craig Smith.    Secretary: Abby Whitley - 027 8450 735  -
Club Contact: Dianne de Lautour - 027 240 3235
“New Players Welcome to Team up with us for THE 2018-19

The Leprechaun Comments 

"Ma'am, I'd like to order a Guinness."

-"You must be Irish."

"Oh, so ordering a Guiness makes me Irish? If I ordered a Pizza, would you assume I'm Italian?"

-"I didn't..."

"And if I ordered a Bratwurst, would that make me German?"

-"No, but..."

"So why exactly do you think I'm Irish then?"

-"Sir, this is a book store."

Mrs Pete Monaghan came into the newspaper office to pay for her husband’s death notice. She was told by the kindly newspaper man that it was a dollar per word and he remembered Pete and wasn’t it too bad about him passing away.

She thanked him for his kind words and bemoaned the fact that she only had two dollars.
So she wrote out the obituary, “Pete died.”

The newspaper man took a look and said he thought old Pete deserved more and he’d give her three more words at no charge.
Mrs Pete Monaghan thanked him and changed it to: “Pete died. Boat for sale”.

And a couple of brief quips -
‘Have you heard about the Irishman who went to a posh restaurant’
He ordered an expensive four course meal, paid for it, then sneaked out without eating it.’
And about the Irishman who was sentenced to be hanged, but he saved his life by dying in prison……

We look forward to seeing all rugby players, footballers, netballers, cricketers and softballers and friends at the clubrooms each Saturday  -  Pop in for cool Tui or two  - Also bring along your mates for an Ale and a chat.    All members and Friends Welcome ............. Ed

Napier Old Boys Marist Rugby – Napier Old Boys Marist Cricket – Napier Marist Football – Napier Marist Netball – Napier Marist Softball

”Team up with Napier Old Boys Marist”