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TeamTalk Update - 18 June 2017

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Eddie Wilson



Napier Old Boys Marist Rugby Club

18 June 2017

Contents usually include: Old Boys Marist Senior & Junior rugby reports - weekly competition & draw winners - NZ Marist - affiliates Cricket, Netball, Football and Softball seasonal reports - Club Social events  -  News & Views etc etc.

Views and comments in this publication are not necessarily those
of the executive or policy of the Napier Old Boys Marist Rugby Club.


“Team up with a Winning Club in 2017
Napier Old Boys Marist


Maddison Trophy – Round 4
– Round 1

Napier Old Boys Marist Premier 55  TARADALE 15

The green machine met a different and determined Taradale team for Chris Bensons 50th match in the green & blue jersey.  Ellery Wilson playing at number 10 crossed the line after 4 minutes of tussle to put us on the board.  A hard fought 1st half with our guys not really firing and a few playing individual game saw us score 3 tries to Taradale  managing just the one.  Johnny Lauano’s trusty boot was back this week and with him converting all three we had a halftime score of 21-5. 

With a few wise words from Steve Bennett and a well needed motivational speech from Craig Gowler the lads were hissing for the kick-off the 2nd spell.  A penalty awarded out in front at 43 minutes saw our 2nd penalty goal  for the season kicked.   We were certainly the dominant team in this forty scoring 5 well deserved tries, however, Taradale did manage to cross our line twice, in the 57th & 80th minutes of the game. Try scorers were Ellery Wilson 2, Terry Marsh 2, Sami Lauano 1, Zach Donaldson 1, Jo Penitito 1, Matt Gardner 1.
A great club day at Napier Old Boys Marist.  Once again… thanks to the Supporters & Sponsors.

Report courtesy Greig Lindsay 

Scoring: 4min Ellery Wuilson try/con Johnny Lauano  -  7-0 ;  21m Sami Lauano try/J. Lauano  -  14-0 ;  29m  Taradale try  -  14-5 ;  38m Wiilson try/conv J.Lauano  -  21-5   ///  43m J.Lauanao pen  -  24-5 ;  49m  Zach Donaldson try  -  29-5 ;  52m  Terry Marsh try  -  34-5 ;  57m  Taradale try  -  34-10 ;  63m  Joseph Penitito try/con J.Lauano  -  41-10 ;  67m  Marsh try/con J.Lauano  -  48-10 ;  77m  Matt Gardner try/con J.Lauano  - 55-10 ;  80m  Taradale try  -  55-15

Hawkes Bay Seafoods Players of the Day: 3.  Terry Marsh   2. Zach Donaldson   1. Matt Gardner

Other Premier  Results:    Pirates 38 Havelock North 34  ;  Tech 38 Hastings R&S 7  ;  Clive 53 Tamatea 26  ;  Central 65 MAC 17

Points:  -  20 NOBM, 19 Tech.  15 Clive,  14 HRS, Pirates. 6 Havelock North, Central.   5 Taradale.   3 MAC.  1 Tamatea,

Jack Swain Cup 

Richard Kepka Builders
Napier Old Boys Marist Premier Reserves 28

The majority of the game the boys were in control, with the opening try to Pouvi Fatialofa coming in the 8th minutes.  Taradale hit straight back to cross the chalk however from their on the boys dominated territory and possession and Dylan Kiwara finished off a well worked scrum move to extend the lead.   A further two long range penalty goals by Adam further extended the lead however a Taradale try right on half time closed the gap to 18-10.


The second spell started well with half back Niue Viamoli taking a quick tap and scoring with Adams conversion pushing the lead out to 25-10.  The game seemed in control and the backs worked their magic to create a further try however the referee ruled that second five Monty Tuala was in touch.  From that moment it was all Taradale as they quickly scored back to back converted tries to reduce the margin to 1. With 8 minutes remaining Taradale were awarded a penalty which was duly converted to see the boys down for the first time in the match 27-25.


As the clock ticked down, it appeared the visitors were destined for the win, until a strong kick chase allowed the boys to attack Taradale’s ruck.  In their desperation to secure the ball one of the Taradale players played the ball on his knees and was duly penalised.  Up stepped Adam who calmly slotted the goal to take the 1 point victory.


Richard Kepka NOBM Premier Development 28 - Pouvi Fatialofa, Dylan Kiwara, Niue Viamoli tries, Adam Chapman 3 penalties 2 conversions.   Taradale  27.  

Thanks to everyone for putting on a fantastic Club day.

Report courtesy - Tim Jones

Hawkes Bay Seafoods Players of the Day -  3. Max Martin    2. Mike McKellow    1. Pouvi Fatiaofa

Other Reserve Results: Pirates 14 Havelock North 31  ;  HRS 5 Tech 31  ;  Clive 33 Tamatea 24  ;  MAC 26 Central 13
Points -  19 Tech, 18 NOBM, 14 Havelock North. 12 Taradale,  10 MAC,   8 Pirates, Central.  5 Clive,  1. Tamatea, HRS.


Ron Parker Memorial Cup 

Sideline Bar
Napier Old Boys Marist Thirds 17  TECH 17

I was enjoying a nice relaxing day with my Napier High School Old Boys mates watching the Prems play Taradale and trying to stay away from some Gitt, when I looked over to the other field and saw a much more exciting game. The 3rds were playing Tech, another old nemesis from the past. I couldn’t get over the skill level shown by these players, especially a slightly built winger, they called Crunchie.  Great to see the 3rd father/son pairing to play for the mighty 3rds this year, with Old Boy Steve playing with young Sam, who no doubt would have played for the mighty Old Boys club if it was still going. (although I suppose he could have played 80 minutes for Marist and 80 minutes for Old Boys, as he did play 160 minutes today). 

Anyway good to see the other teams helping out each other. Great club spirit and I can now see what a good thing the amalgamation has produced. I would just like to take the opportunity to tell Terry to piss off and stop hassling us protestants and then any conflicts will finally be forgotten.

The game could have gone either way and with only 3 points in it at the end, it showed what  a tough game it was.  The whole team should be proud of themselves. But I think your props shouldn’t be playing midfield and your midfielders shouldn’t be reffing. We all knew our rightful positions in my day.   Great game guys. Keep up the good work.  Good luck for your last 5 games. You guys were choice.

Guest report courtesy -  Ivan Hill (Queensland) – tongue in cheek !

Hawkes Bay Seafoods Players of the Day: 3. Brydon    2. Crunchie Hoare    1. Sam Smithers

Other Thirds Results: - Maraenui 14 Havelock Nth 17 ;  Pirates 10 Flaxmere 24 ;  Aotea lbd YMP wbd ;  HRS 33 Takapau 0 ;  Taradale 75 Tamatea 5
Points - 17 June  - 26 Flaxmere,  23 YMP, 21 Taradale, 20 Maraenui, 17 Havelock North, 15 Pirates, HRS 10 Tech,  5 Takapau, 1 NOBM, 0 Tamatea


Pat Ryan Memorial Trophy
Napier Old Boys Marist Colts 100 PIRATES 5

What a difference a week makes. After a big lose to Hastings last week we needed to put in a good display.  Being club day with a heap of supporters at the ground and the Challenge Shield at stake there was a lot of pressure on the boys.   They started well and carried this through through the first half.  We ended the half 45-5 up at the break but we were starting to get a bit loose.


The 2nd half started really well and the boys played as a team completely dominating a young Pirates side.  We scored 16 tries in all and won 100 to 5.  The Ref called the game off with about 8 minutes to go but no one was too fussed.  In all it was a comprehensive display from the entire team with tries being shared by both backs and forwards.  Inspirational leader Regan Leahy lead the way with 3 tries himself. While Liam Batt was solid slotting 10 conversations. 

Report courtesy -  Bevan Hanlon

Hawkes Bay Seafoods Players of the Day:  3. Tyler Williams    2. Sonny Korosigasiga    1. Paul Lapa 

Other Colts Results: Havelock Nth 14 HRS 10  ;   MAC 19 Eskview 27  ;   Onga Tiko not played Taradale not played
8 Havelock North  6 HRS   5 NOBM, Eskview, Onga Tiko,  0 Taradale, Pirates,  MAC

New Players  & School Leavers
Your enquiries


For all Rugby Matters please contact-

  Craig Gowler
Premier head coach  - 
0272 402 550
  Matt Wyatt
Director of Rugby Development
  -  022 616 4250



‘Team up with Napier Old Boys Marist in 2017’
 A Welcome is always extended School-leavers & Prospective Players




Nash Cup 2017 - OBM Premier -  25 March  vs MAC won 51-10.   1 April  vs Central won 71-12.   8  vs Havelock North won 40-12.   15  vs Taradale won 78-9.   22  vs Tech won 32-5.   29  vs Tamatea won 78-0.   6 May  vs HRS won 31-7.     13  vs Clive  55-19 .   20  vs Pirates   39-10   (Final)    - 9 wins    >>>  New Record  23  of consecutive wins.       2017 Nash Cup round -  Played 9  -  won 9  -  Bonus Points 9  -  475 for  -  84  against.

Maddison Trophy 2017 - 
OBM Premier  -  May 27 vs MAC (Away)  won 88-7.    June 3 vs Central (H) Won 54-10 . June 10  vs Havelock North (A) won 44-12 .  June 17 vs Taradale (H) won 55-15 .  – (27 wins) .   June 24 vs Tech (A),  July 1 vs Tamatea (H),  July 8 vs HRS (A),  July 15 vs Clive (A),  July 22 vs Pirates (H).  July 29 – Semi-Finals    Final – Aug 5

Jack Swain Cup 2017 - OBM Premier Reserve  - May 27 vs MAC (Away) won 39-12.    June 3 vs Central (Home) won 15-10 .   June 10 vs Havelock North (A ) won 50-12.   June 17 vs Taradale (H) won 28-27.  June 24 vs Tech (A),  July 1 vs Tamatea (H),  July 8 vs HRS (A),  July 15 vs Clive (A),  July 22 vs Pirates (H).  July 29 – Semi-Finals      Final – Aug 5


Ron Parker Memorial Cup 2017 – Sideline Bar OBM Division Three - 13 May v YMP lost 12-36 (H),   20 May v Havelock North (A) lost 0-26.     27 May v Takapau (A) lost 7-41.     3 June v (A) lost by default),   10 June v Tamatea (H) won 43-15.   17 June v Tech (H) lost 17-20.   24 June v Flaxmere (Ron Giorgi Pk.),   1 July v Taradale (Tareha Res.),   8 July v  Maraenui (H),   15 July v HRS (H),  22 July v Pirates (H).   29 July - Semi-Finals

Pat Ryan Memorial Trophy 2017 Napier Collision Repair OBM Colts - 10 June vs HRS (Elwood Park) lost 10-49.  17 June v Pirates (H) won 100-5.  24 June vs Havelock North (Anderson Park),  1 July vs MAC (venue ?),  8 July vs Taradale (H),  15 July v Eskview (Petane Domain),  22 July v Onga Tiko (H).   Semi-Finals 1 v 4  /  2 v 3.   5 Aug – Final


International  10’s Rugby



Hi everyone -


We are fundraising for our Napier Old Boys Marist Premier team trip to the International  Bali 10's Invitational Tournament which will be held in Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia.  We have been accepted into this tournament being played in October this year.


How YOU can help us  >>> If you have any jobs that need doing or know of someone that does, we would love to hear from you.


The following is a quick brief of our upcoming tour:



On the 13th October 17 we have an afternoon with the Bali Rugby Development squad arranged where we have a skills and drills session with the local squad members.



On the 14th & 15th October 2017 our entry has been confirmed in this International Invitational Tournament which is played over 2 days



On the 16th October 2017 we have a confirmed booking at the Jodie O'Shea Orphanage. We will be taking a group of the older kids grocery shopping, along with giving clothing and sports gear to the Orphanage which has been kindly donated by a local business.


All our flights and accommodation are locked in, all fundraising will be going towards theses costs to help us get there.


If you are able to help, or know someone that can, we would love to hear from you. Please contact me on 027 240 2550, or private message message me.


Craig Gowler
Premier team coach.

Regional Manager I Rural Fuel

m 027 240 2550   I   p 0800 383 582   I  f 06 354 2486



club noticeboard


Clubroom Happenings
Clubroom ‘LUCKY MEMBERS’ Action
100 Lucky Members draw –  went to  Harlem Shamiloiu   who was not present so the Pool increases to $150 next Saturday

Shape Life Financial Brokers
Supporter of the Day
  -   Jamie Beale

Clubrooms Raffle
Tamatea Pak-n-Save   $50 vouchers  (3) – 10 Craig Gowler -  36 Shaun Bell  -  37 Erika
Napier Old Boys Marist annual  ‘200 CLUB’
  Draw No.2
$100 No.65 Peter Bainbridge     $80 No.101 Peter De Lautour    $60 No.12 Mick Dennehy 


Get into Napier Old Boys Marist Club Gear
 -  We have new season  HOODIES  and  JACKETS 
for SALE at the Club Bar –
ALSO Napier Marist Football Club Gear available from Kevin Murphy -



- See YOU at the Clubrooms -
on  Saturday afternoons
All members and friends Welcome
Join our affiliate codes sportsmen/women – footballers, netballers, cricketers & softballers at the clubrooms.

Call in for a cool TUI or two..... and a game of Pool


    THAT we extend our Congratulations to HBi Insurance Brokers Premier prop Chris Benson who in his sides convincing win over Taradale yesterday played his 50th Premier games for the Club.  As is the clubs custom Chris was presented with his blazer at last nights aftermatch function for achieving this milestone.  Chris will still have a multitude of games to play to catch up with his dad Pat who played over twenty years for our Marist then Napier OBM top sides.

THAT a  50 years on FLASHBACK   -   A lot has been said about why the current All Blacks are so good and how they are taking notice of physio-therapists, trainers, nutritionalists, mental coaches and so it goes on, but lets not forget that more than 50 years ago Hawke’s Bay produced a near record three-year tenure of the Ranfurly Shield.  This was much due to the athletic prowess of athletic coach the late Bryan Wilson, under guidance of selector coach Colin Le Quesne.  All Black star loose forward Kelvin Tremain, high-scoring All Black centres Ian MacRae and Bill Davis and line and goal-kicking ability of All Black Blair Furlong, while also ever on the boil was All Black prop Neil Thimbleby.  These were key men in a well-balanced winning side.    Wilson had the squad training over ploughed paddocks on the Poraite Hills near Taradale, to produce the fittest team in the country. They literally killed their opponents in the closing twenty minutes of many games such was their fitness levels.
As a then Hawke’s Bay scribe, I reported every game of that exciting era when the boys were all unpaid amateurs and drank Leopard Lager.  – Brian McErlane (Sydney)

THAT chairman and MC Terry produced a stringful of entertaining banter at last nights aftermatch and thoroughly entertained the large gathering in town for our annual Club Day which saw all teams playing at home on Tremain Fields.  Additional visitors and members were on deck for a reunion gathering of Napier HSOB players of the 70’s – early 80’s from as far afield as Australia.  As well visitors from Wellington Marist St Pats & NZ Marist Rugby and also Auckland all along to see just how our amalgamated club is doing and with the way our teams have been performing, which they have been with three of our sides all winning their first round championships and now underway in their second and championship rounds.  Speaking of seeing how the Club is fairing as we’re now in our 27th year since we joined forces across McLean Park back in November 1990, I’m sure they have nothing to fear, as we are in good heart on the field and off and also importantly financially.   Our numerous visitors can rest assured we have a tidy and successful operation here at Tremain Field, Park Island., which has also provided a home for our Netball, Football,  Cricket and Softball affiliates as well.

tour plans for the 2017 New Zealand Marist Colts tour which will be held in the 18-27 August period are currently being finalised. This year the annual four match tour will encompass games in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions.  Our club will be on the lookout for suitable well performing young players to nominate for this sought after rugby opportunity.  One player is selected from each of the 27 NZ Marist affiliated club which extend from Whangarei in the North to Invercargill in the South.

THAT it is an exciting opportunity and prospect for our well performed Premier team members who are planning a trip to participate in the upcoming Bali International 10’s Tournament in mid-October this year.  This challenge will round-off a successful 2017 season to date that has seen the team take out both the New Zealand Marist Sevens and the Spillane Tournaments pre-season, then the Hawkes Bay Rugby’s first round Nash Cup for the second consecutive year.

THAT how times change 40 years on.  Yes in 1977 the British Isles (now the British & Irish Lions) toured New Zealand.  On that visit no less than 26 games were played throughout the country including a match in Napier which resulted in a close 13-11 loss for the Magpies of the day who were led by Robbie Stuart.  Of the four tests, New Zealand won the series 3-1.  This years current tour is exceptional in that the visitors are also playing our five Super rugby sides, the NZ Maoris, the Provincial Barbarians as well as the three test matches. This is especially so as now days touring sides really only front up for the test matches then fly away, so enjoy the international rugby in our backyard while it lasts over the next few weeks.  And who could forget the last time the red shirted Lions played and lost on McLean Park and Napier Old Boys Marist players scored more points than the tourists XV in the Magpies 29-16 winNOBM tries were scored by Neil Weber and Simon Tremain while Simon Kerr added a drop goal, a penalty and a conversion.

THAT  we are looking to locate copies of our Napier Old Boys Marist Premier team photos from both  1999  and  2003.  If you have a copy could  you please make contact  with our Director of Club Management Jamie Beale  - 021 826 5142  or email -   Your assistance would be appreciated.

  Members don’t forget to keep up with the Club on FACEBOOK.

++++ The race isn't over until you cross the finish line. You'll be surprised at how much can change in the last twenty strides.


“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit nervous.”
Marty Banks on his match-winning penalty  against the Lions.

“We felt we had dominance there and we weren’t getting the calls.  That’s just part of rugby. You’ve got to take it on the chin.”
Luke Romono on the Crusaders scrum issues.

In this weather I am thankful for generations of Scottish ancestory passing down webbed feet and gills.”

A cheerful Scottish Lions tourist shrugs off the sky collapsing and the raid relentlessly pouring down.

Test  Your Rugby Knowledge 

This weeks Poser  - How many tries did the All Blacks score against Samoa last Friday night ?   

Poser 2  - 
What was the score in the Maddison Trophy round against Taradale last year ?    

Poser 3  - Which union did Highlanders ‘hero’ Marty Banks make his representative debut for ?     

Last weeks Poser  - Which referee has controlled the most test matches ?    Answer – Jonathon Kaplan – 70 tests

Poser 2  - 
What was the score in the Maddison Trophy round against Havelock North last year ?    Answer – NOBM 59 Havelock North 20

Poser 3  - Who broke the 22-22 deadlock and kicked the winning drop goal for Canterbury against the Waratahs last Saturday ?    Answer – Mitch Hunt

Lions Tour
  - 3 June Vs Provincial Barbarians won 13-7.    7 June Vs Blues lost 16-22.    10 June Vs Crusaders won 12-3     13 June Vs Highlanders  lost 22-23  .   17 June Vs NZ Maoris won 32-10  .Rotorua     20 June Vs Chiefs   .    24 Vs All Blacks   - Auck.    27 June Vs Hurricanes     1 July Vs All Blacks   - Wgtn     8 July Vs All Blacks  .- Auck

16 June - Auckland
All Blacks 78 Samoa 0

2017 Super Rugby 
Super Rugby resumes again for all team other than NZ sides on 1 & 2 July.   NZ sides recommence and join the others on 14-16 July.

Upcoming Hawkes Bay Rep Rugby at Tremain Field
12 Aug -  HB Saracens v Wanganui Heartland XV
Hawkes Bay U19 V Wanganui Development
19 Aug -  Hawkes Bay U19 v Manawatu U19
26 Aug -   Hawkes Bay Tuis v Wellington Samoan

Sept 2 -  Hawkes Bay Saracens v Wellington Samoans
  Hawkes Bay U19 v Heartland U20
Sept 9 -  Hawkes bay Saracens v Wellington Centurions
Hawkes Bay U14 v Manawatu
Hawkes Bay Tuis v Bay of Plenty
Sept 16 -  Hawkes Bay Tuis v Otago
30 Aug -  Hawkes Bay Tuis v Manawatu

New Zealand Marist Rugby Federation
An organization initiated to promote and foster a spirit of union, co-operation and close friendly relations between all Marist and similar rugby union football clubs in New Zealand, Australasia and the Pacific.

MARIST NATIONWIDE – Results available results from 17 June games (n/r – no results available)

 NORTHLAND - Whangarei OB Marist n/r  :  NORTH HARBOUR - Marist North Harbour n/r  :   AUCKLAND –  Marist n/r  : COUNTIES MANUKAU - Ardmore Marist 26 Te Kauwhata 17 :  WAIKATO – Hamilton Marist n/r  :  Te Awamutu Marist n/r BAY OF PLENTY - Greerton Marist 5 Mt Maunganui 25    :  Whakatane Marist n/r  :  Rotorua Marist St Michaels n/r    :   POVERTY BAY -  Gisborne O B Marist n/r  :   HAWKES BAY -  Napier OBM 55 Taradale 15  :  Hastings Rugby & Sports 7 Tech 38  :  TARANAKI – Tukapa 24 Spotswood United 17   :  WANGANUI - Marist bye  :   MANAWATU - OB Marist n/r  :  WAIRARAPA BUSH -  Masterton Marist n/r   WELLINGTON - Marist St Pats n/r :   Hutt OBM n/r

NELSON BAYS - Nelson Marist 34 Wanderers 39  :  WEST COAST - Westport White Star n/r  :  Greymouth Marist 17 South Westland12  : Hokitika Wests 10 Blaketown 33   : CANTERBURY - Marist Albion 28 Sumner 28  :  Ashburton Celtic 61 Hampstead 3 :  Timaru Celtic 67 Old Boys 0 :  OTAGO – Dunedin Marist 15 Taieri 21  :  NORTH OTAGO Athletic Marist n/r :  SOUTHLAND -   Invercargill Marist 31 Blues 29

2017 NZ Marist Colts Tour
(Bay of Plenty-Waikato) – 18-27 August
> 2018 South Island Marist Tournament – Venue and date to be confirmed
2018 – 87th Spillane TournamentAuckland – date to be confirmed

>>>  <<<
Check out the NZ Marist website



NOBM Junior Rugby is very proud to have 4 players from our NOBM Tremains 12th grade named in the 26 man 2017 Napier Primary Schools rugby team (traditionally this is the feeder team for the 22 man Ross Shield team).  They are: Michael Beech,  Jahdeil Asovale,  Luke Chamberlin,  Kace Elsworth- Roberts.  Also Congrats to all our boys who trialed, you all did our club proud - good luck for your rep season. 
  NOBM JUNIORS 2018 CHRISTCHURCH TRIP - $50 THIRSTY WHALE VOUCHER RAFFLE was won by No.31 Gary Davies    also  No. 49 Tony McEwan  was the lucky winner of the Pac-n-Save voucher.         Thanks for Supporting NOBM Juniors

We are pleased to announce the winner of the NOBM Junior Green Machine logo is Toby Condin who is 8 years old and plays for Tremains 8th grade.

The entries were judged by a panel of committee members, it was a tough job as there were some great entries.  Thank you to all the kids who entered, we will be running it again next year so you can have another go.

With biceps on biceps, a better 6 pack than Sonny-Bill and a sharper hairdo that Ardie Savea here is our logo for 2017, well done Toby, look out for it on your club day tickets!


NOBM Junior Rugby Committee

Bevan Condin (Chairman), Jason Evans (Convenyor), Hayley Ceselli (Secretary),

Waka Petera, Dave Walls, Rochelle Williams, Steve Eustance and Rachel Bentley.


For further Junior Rugby Info please contact > Bevan Condin  (021) 160 5118   or   Rachel Bentley  (021) 250 4380
“New Players Welcome to Team up with us in 2017”

Like us on facebook to keep up to date with all the happenings.
For any further info about anything to do with netball contact one of the following

President – Michelle Drinkrow   0274273137  -
Secretary/Treasurer – Jacqui Gardiner   0272398204  -
Club Captain – Loren White  -   Social director – Teech Christie  -
Gear custodian – Jo Exeter   0276227607  -
Other committee members include: Nicolette Walker and Victoria Anderson

'Team up with Napier ExHigh Marist Netball in 2017'


Thanks to our clubs major sponsors -
Alexander Electric, Red Steel  and Tamatea Pak n Save.

>>> For all Napier Marist Football info please contact - Kevin Murphy  -  0272 970 238 
-    /

New Players Welcome to Team up with us in 2017’


For all Cricket Info please contact:
- Secretary - Andrew Frame   ph.843 7701 H  /  021 102 4990  -
or  Del Whyte – 021 705 030  -
“New Players Welcome to Team up with us for the 2017-18 Season

Contacts:  Club Chairman: Craig Smith.    Secretary: Abby Whitley - 027 8450 735  -
Club Contact: Dianne de Lautour - 027 240 3235
“New Players Welcome to Team up with us for the 2016/17 season

Leprauchan Comments

Paddy and Mick are two Irishmen working at the local sawmill.

One day, Mick slips and his arm gets caught and severed by the big bench saw.

Paddy quickly puts the limb in a plastic bag and rushes it and Mick to the local hospital.

Next day, Paddy goes to the hospital and asks after Mick.

The nurse says, 'Oh he's out in Rehab exercising'.

Paddy couldn't believe it, but here's Mick out the back exercising his now re-attached arm.

The very next day he's back at work in the saw mill.

A couple of days go by, and then Mick slips and severs his leg on another really big saw thingamabob.

So Paddy puts the limb in a plastic bag and rushes it and Mick off to hospital.

Next day he calls in to see him and asks the nurse how he is.

The nurse replies, 'He's out in the Rehab again exercising'.

And sure enough, here's Mick out there doing some serious work on the treadmill.

And very soon Mick comes back to work.

But, as usual, within a couple of days he has another accident and severs his head.

Wearily Paddy puts the head in a plastic bag and transports it and Mick to hospital.

Next day he goes in and asks the nurse how Mick is.

The nurse breaks down and cries and says, 'He's dead.'

Paddy is shocked, but not surprised. 'I suppose the saw finally did him in.'

'No', says the nurse, 'Some dopey b*stard put his head in a plastic bag and he suffocated'


The treasurer of a local rugby club (not ours) has the pricker after a recent meeting.  Apparently one committee member  complained about the wasteful extravagance of the treasurer, who asked the member for an example of the cash he’d wasted.
The member replied; “ Well’ look at the fire extinguisher you bought two years ago.  We’ve never used it once!”


We also look forward to seeing all rugby players, footballers, netballers, cricketers and softballers and friends at the clubrooms each Saturday  -  Pop in for cool Tui or two  - Also bring along your mates for an Ale and a chat.      All members and Friends Welcome
............. Ed 

Napier Old Boys Marist Rugby – Napier Old Boys Marist Cricket – Napier Marist Football – Napier Marist Netball – Napier Marist Softball

”Team up with Napier Old Boys Marist”