Club History

Napier Old Boys Marist History

Merge two of Hawkes Bays most successful clubs and the result is Napier Old Boys Marist.... a powerful force in Hawke's Bay Sport. The new organisation was formed from the amalgamation of Marist and Napier Old Boys clubs in late 1990. Both clubs have a proud history of sporting success since being founded in the early 1900's.
They are in fact among the Bays most successful clubs, with a total of some 28 Maddison Trophy titles between them within a 60 year period. Napier Old Boys, established in 1910, won the first of their 15 inter town championships in 1930, while Marist, founded in 1908, first became champions in 1936 and finished with 11.
Anyone around during the heady days of the 1960's and early 1970's will relate tales of titanic battles between the two clubs for inter town supremacy. Games between the McLean Park based clubs often attracted crowds of 4000 to 5000 , more than for most Bay Rep matches these days. Marist won the Maddison Trophy in 1962 and 63 and shared the title with Old Boys in 1969-the last season of the three season Hawke's Bay Ranfurly Shield reign.The Kel Tremain led Napier Old Boys won the trophy seven times between 1964-71. The two clubs supplied near two thirds of the Bay shield squad during that magnificent 1966-69 era. Although Napier Old Boys failed to win the Maddison Trophy after sharing it with Taradale in 1971, they did win the Baywide championship in 1988.The provincial competition (for which the Maddison Trophy has been at stake from 1990) was won by Marist in 1987 (also their last Maddison inter town success) and in 1989. 

The New Era

The combining of two glorious histories such as these naturally led to more success. But this took some ten year following the amalgamation in 1991. Yes it was not until 2001 and with the club based at it's new club base, Tremain Field that the first Maddison Trophy win by Napier Old Boys Marist was recorded and repeated again 2002.

"Team Talk October" 

Marist Annual Report

BARTON AVENUE Barton Avenue certainly made the Club take a long and hard look at its resources. Now the property has been sold many may ask what happend?  In summary DEBT exceeding $200,000 potentially could have place the club in a position it was unable to contend with. Notwithstanding this early realisation the executive worked long and hard at the project, and it would have been fair to say failed on two counts. While there was manpower and some finance forthcoming, however there certainly was nowhere enough.

AMALGAMATION  Due to be decided once and for all on 29th October, again many may ask why? Once Barton Avenue was sold the membership who have looked at several projects over recent years and driven by a level of expectancy, generated by examining these various projects have reacted with strong support for a merger with Napier Old Boys, our McLean Park neighbours. While the merger is logical and has many benefits for both clubs, members should at the Special Meeting be clear on the path they wish the club to take and be prepared to thoroughly examine the proposals.


LOOKING BACK It is time to reflect back on the work of the founders, workers and players over the past eighty years and remember with pride their contributions to our Club.

Dennis Buckley, Chairman


'Herald Tribune' 29th October sports reporter Brent Reid: In the editorial in the October issue of 'TeamTalk' editor Eddie Wilson said: "It has been a pleasant surprise as to just how well and painlessly we have joined so earnestly together. Wilson who attended the joint sub-committee meetings, said delegates respected the values and traditions of the respective clubs in pursuing a common interest for a successful amalgamation."During this time we have covered almost every aspect for the formation of a new combined club to be up and running by mid-November 1990 and be ready to play for the 1991 season."  Wilson said the proud heritage of both clubs, spanning more than eighty two years for Marist and eighty for Old Boys, should ensure the new club becomes a major force in Hawkes Bay rugby."

"An important ingredient of the proposed merger is that both clubs will retain their identities in the new name Napier Old Boys Marist," he said.

'Daily Telegraph' 29th October - Both club's Annual General Meetings had Notices of Motion on their agendas; 'That the Amalgamation of the two clubs be approved'. Marist's annual meeting was unanimous in approving the merger proposal while Old Boys members were 90% in favour of joining forces with their long-time rivals and McLean Park neighbours.
Meetings over recent months between representatives of the clubs had paved the way for the amalgamation and only the signing of a contract remains to complete the exercise. This formalisation will be signed-off by the chairmen Bill Reilly and Dennis Buckley who at the new Napier Old Boys Marist Rugby Football Club Inc inaugural Annual Meeting will both stand for the top job. 
Other executive positions within the new organisation appear to have been settled by a trade-off system with even representation.'Daily Telegraph'  8th November 1990 - Former Marist chairman Dennis Buckley won the job as chairman of Hawke's Bay's newest rugby club - Napier Old Boys Marist - last night. The meeting was attended by 120 members of the two former clubs. "Everything went well - there was a positive attitude and no dissension on any vote" the inaugural President Blair Furlong said.


The officers elected are as follows:

Patrons - Bruce Hawkins and Frank Mahony.

President - Blair Furlong.

Chairman - Dennis Buckley.

Secretary - Linda Hogan.

Treasurer - Sheryl Woolhouse.

Vice Presidents - Neville Chittenden, Mick Dennehy snr., Tony Dick, David Evans, Murray Holland, Clyde Jeffery, Peter Kale, Jim McGrail, Rod McRae, Jim McMinn, Pat Magill, Leo Murphy, Kevin O'Connor, Gerard O'Shaugnessy, Sir Russell Pettigrew, Ernie Smith, Bill Reilly, Kel Tremain, Bill Willis.

Life Members - The life members of both former clubs became life members of Napier Old Boys Marist.

Delegates - Napier Sub Union - Gary Macdonald. NZ Marist Rugby Federation - Eddie Wilson.

Napier Old Boys Association - Kevin Douglas.

Executive Committee - Phil Beck, Tom Davis, Paul Campbell, Terry Gittings, Ian MacRae, Jim Meredith, Richard Nichol, Bill Reilly, Mark Tremain,Graham Wall, Neil Weber, Ian Winnie.Club Captain - Kevin Murphy Assistant Club Captain - Shane Gibson.

Junior Club Captains - Ross McDonald & Dawn Clements.

Coaches for the 1991 season:

Senior 1 - Jim Fitzsimons.

Senior 2 - Laurie Kaye & Irwin Wirepa.

Senior 3 - John Symons & Gary Taurimu.

Colts - Andy Robertson & Ken Johnstone.

Under 19 - Tom Davis, Jack Davis, Derek Woodford.


1990 SUMMARY  In summary the club performance this past season was a great effort. On the field, achievements were of a high standard annexing two championships and supplying some outstanding players to representative duty. We had some excellent nights on the social scene and promoted the Madison Trophy final in a format continued by the Hawkes Bay Rugby Union for the representaive season. The club made a healthy profit and is in a sound financial position with a small overdraft to conclude the season.

Club Life Member and Patron Bruce Hawkins unveils the Foundation Stone for the new club complex at Tremain Field, Park Island on Sunday 4 June 2000. From left Club Chairman Phil Beck, guest speaker Sir Brian Lochore and Club President Gary Macdonald.


Year of 'The Treble'

Following on from this first major trophy win, 2002 got even better. The season commenced with the Howard Murray led Premier's taking out the prestigious Spillane Cup at the annual NZ Marist's Easter tournament in Palmerston North - a first for the combined club. The next triumph saw the first round Nash Cup title come OB Marist's way. And to top of a memorable year another Maddison Trophy victory added up to an impressive array of silverware on display in the clubrooms.No doubt a future of success lies ahead as the club comes of age.

2002 Napier Old Boys Marist Premiers
Winners of the McKew Cup and the 'treble'
Spillane Cup - Nash Cup - Maddison Trophy
Played 21- Won 20 - Lost 1 Points For 668 - Points Against 201


Back row: Marius Kriel, Steve Kahu, Glen Varcoe, Bevan Pickett, Paki Waerea.
Third row: BenTrew, Clint Chamberlain, Michael Johnson, Alan Gardiner, Nigel Halpin, Adam Jerram, Herman Ah Kiong, Earl Anderson.
Second row: Peter Bainbridge (Manager), Glynn Smith, Ian Baty, David Byrne, Jason Rhodes, Bevan Hanlon, Paul Teddy, Phillip Rumpler (Coach). 
Front row: Pat Benson (Manager), Manu Petera, Scott Taylor, Howard Murray, Donovan Hall, Maaka Papuni, Phil Beck (Chairman).
Absent: Jason Bright, Richard Caccioppoli, Mich Dennehy (Asst. Coach), John Galo, Steve Harrison, Tane Lee, Johnno Williams, Tony Snell (Physio)


Life Members

  • P.S.Bainbridge
  • P.H.Beck
  • W.P.B.Benson
  • R.Exeter
  • J.J.Kelly
  • G..J.Macdonald
  • I.R.MacRae
  • M.McGill
  • B.R.Meredith
  • W.J.Reilly
  • E.H.Wilson 

Honours Board


  • M.J.A.Cooper
  • D.A.Evans
  • B.D.M.Furlong
  • S.Gemmell
  • I.R.MacRae
  • F.Shelford
  • E.R.G.Steere
  • K.R.Tremain


Championship Trophies Won by Napier Old Boys Marist 1991–2011


                          1st Round                Championship Round        Other


Sevens Team 1                                                                HB Sevens Trophy



Division 1       Nash Cup                                                            

Colts                Inter City Cup          Pat Ryan Memorial Trophy



Colts                                                   Pat Ryan Memorial Trophy



Premier                                              Maddison Trophy           



Premier           Nash Cup                  Maddison Trophy   -   Spillane Trophy



Colts                Inter City Cup                                   



Colts                                                   Pat Ryan Memorial Trophy



Premier                                                                               Spillane Trophy 


Premier                                                                                Spillane Trophy

Division 3        Pratt Trophy           Jack Swain Cup 



Division 3                                         Ron Parker Memorial Trophy



Colts                                                   Pat Ryan Memorial Trophy







2016   Nash Cup    Maddison Trophy

2017  NZ Marist Sevens -  Spillane Cup -  Nash Cup -  Maddison Trophy -
Runners-up NZ Club Sevens Tournament

2018   Spillane Cup -  Nash Cup